Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for SOUNDBOARD.COM.

We collect a lot of information in order to try to make your experience better.  Some of the information we collect is personally identifiable to you since you have to log in to post.  As you saw when you joined we do not ask for a lot, just your real name and email address.  We will not resell your personal information, however we may provide your information to our partners.  We will send you emails now and then and check in on your soundboards.

If we are served with a subpoena we will comply with the subpoena or some other court document ordering us to provide your information.  We will not give out your information without either a subpoena or your permission.  We do however reserve the right to disable any material placed on the site for any reason and you have no recourse in this regard. The latter point is discussed in the terms and conditions.

Other things we track are click paths in order to try to make our site more efficient.  We also use cookies at times and sections of this site will not work if you have cookies disabled.

This site does not review everything immediately and the material is posted by third parties, so we cannot guarantee that any soundboard is acceptable for a child 13 years or under.  However we do endeavor to make the site acceptable to 13 year olds.

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