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Top Ten Songs in Brazil

Current top ten songs in Brazil....

Travel/Int'l 10 Tracks 76311 Views
Brazil Movie clips

Brazil is a great Sci Fi feature that's one of the most visually rewarding films to watch. The movie...

Movies 12 Tracks 11409 Views
Sounds of Brazil

If traveling is your passion, Brazil is your destination. Brazil will take your breath away. With it...

Travel/Int'l 18 Tracks 8722 Views
Birds of Brazil

Brazil has one of the richest bird species in the world. I gathered here some of the sound clips of ...

Animals/Nature 12 Tracks 5118 Views
Bossa Nova Music

Bossa Nova has been often described as the music of the Brazilian middle and upper classes. It's com...

My Music 12 Tracks 6683 Views
South America National Anthems

South America occupies the major southern portion of the landmass. Portuguese and Spanish are the mo...

History 12 Tracks 6450 Views
Lauren Di Giorgio Music

Listen to this young lovely brazilian lady with an impressive sopranic voice. ...

My Music 8 Tracks 6007 Views
Fabio Ribeiro RadioNews

Falando de radio......

Radio 1 Tracks 2823 Views
Dance Dance

Radio announcer regulated from Brazil - DRT 1146 (register)...

My Music 12 Tracks 7992 Views
City of Angels

Wonderful soundtrack from the movie "City of Angels", in Brazil, "Cidade dos Anjos", with Nicolas Ca...

Movies 14 Tracks 36896 Views


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