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Darth Vader soundboard

Hear the voice of Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, who was the mortal enemy of the Jedi, a master...

Movies 18 Tracks 520075 Views
Darth Vader TomTom GPS

Looking for directions to the local Piggly Wiggly or Ralphs? Darth Vader can help because who better...

Media 19 Tracks 40939 Views
Darth is Kinda Psycho

Darthypoo showing his psycho side....

Games 5 Tracks 7117 Views
Darth Vader Pimp soundboard

The pimp hand is strong in this one ! James Earl Jones plays it pimp in the Star Wars scenes that ne...

Media 12 Tracks 43370 Views

funny soundbytes from some of my favorite movies...

Misc. 9 Tracks 4428 Views

My Music 6 Tracks 902 Views

My Music 6 Tracks 858 Views
imperial song


Movies 1 Tracks 2229 Views
Darth Vader Soundboard

Just a Darth Vader soundboard for making prank calls and stuff....

Prank Calls 29 Tracks 91103 Views
James Earl Jones

James Earl Jones is one of America's most distinguished and versatile actors. Although best-known to...

Celebrities 30 Tracks 113884 Views
Star Wars Sounds

Sound clips from various Star Wars - includes the theme songs, Darth, Chewbacca, Han, Luke and the l...

Movies 24 Tracks 1106082 Views
the robo

darth vader and jack black...

Movies 3 Tracks 5385 Views
Leave Chris Crocker Alone!

You've heard "Leave Britney Alone". Now hear all the other hilarious parodies of the Chris Crocker ...

Celebrities 10 Tracks 34935 Views
Random Lucas

A Fun board...

Misc. 33 Tracks 15184 Views
Vester's soundboard

My personal use for entertainment and voice effects....

Sound FX 19 Tracks 3715 Views
10 Greatest Sounds from Star Wars

Experience the excitement of the Star Wars Universe with these 10 greatest sounds from one of the be...

Movies 10 Tracks 97575 Views
Lightsaber Sounds

A collection of lightsaber sounds taken from theforce.net...

Sound FX 49 Tracks 374204 Views
Star Wars revenge of the Sith

Revenge of the Sith, the Star Wars cycle at last comes to an end. Anakin Skywalker begins his journ...

Movies 27 Tracks 76318 Views
Star Wars - The Phantom Menace

Every generation has a legend. Every journey has a first step. Every saga has a beginning. The Phant...

Movies 37 Tracks 41793 Views
Voldemort Soundboard

Lord Voldemort is the Darth Vader of the Harry Potter series, an arch-villain who is out to destroy ...

Movies 47 Tracks 66546 Views


Ultimate Duke Nukem Soundboard
58 Tracks
This is the ultimate Duke Nukem soundboard, with new stuff added as I find it. All of the classic o...
dank memes
462 Tracks
Yb Better + Ratio + Loud = funny bozos (Suggest sum stuff you would want me to upload in the comment...
35 Tracks
Gears of War 2 Soundboard
695 Tracks
The ultimate Gears of War soundboard featuring clips from your favorite COG and Locust characters. ...
Star Trek Ringtones
63 Tracks
Beam your phone up with these great ringtones from the Star Trek tv series. Sound effects from the s...

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