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E-MU Morpheus Sounds

E-MU Morpheus is known for its ability to morph sounds creating incomparable sounds with superb digi...

Sound FX 15 Tracks 13114 Views
E-mu Drumulator Sounds

Classic Drum machine samples from the E-mu Drumulator. Used by musicians from Howard Jones to Depech...

Sound FX 63 Tracks 4061 Views
E-MU PK-6 Synthesizer

E-mu PK-6 is a keyboard version of E-mu's Proteus 2000 sound module. A good all-purpose synthesizer,...

Sound FX 40 Tracks 3469 Views
E-mu Sp1200 Drum Machine

Classic Drum machine samples from the E-mu Sp1200. Used by Freddy Fresh, Daft Punk, Phil Collins, an...

Sound FX 40 Tracks 3468 Views
E-MU ProCussion sounds

This is a E-MU drum machine in rack form released in 1993. This is a multi-timbral percussion instru...

Sound FX 37 Tracks 2353 Views
E-mu Modular Drum Sounds

Classic Drum machine samples from the E-mu Modular circa 1973. Used by Vince Clarke, Herbie Hancock,...

Sound FX 8 Tracks 1026 Views
E-MU Proteus sounds

Check out these sounds are from the various Proteus models, mostly from the 2000. It has been used ...

Sound FX 10 Tracks 17364 Views
E-MU Proteus Drums

Classic Drum samples from the Proteus. Used by Depeche Mode, Front 242 and KMFDM. Rare hard to find ...

Sound FX 30 Tracks 2024 Views
E-mu Orbit V2 Synth

This module is typical of the mid-90's era. It is primarily a techno/dance module, similar to other...

Sound FX 25 Tracks 1946 Views
E-mu Edrum Sounds

Classic Drum machine samples from the Emu Edrum. Rare hard to find authentic drum sounds for music...

Sound FX 15 Tracks 1554 Views


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