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Learn Italian 2 - Hotel & Dining

How about listening to the different accents and tones of these basic Italian language, that will be...

Travel/Int'l 24 Tracks 10831 Views
Learn Italian 4 - Go to Ski

A travel vacation in Italy presents to you the possibility of having an intensive look at the Italia...

Travel/Int'l 16 Tracks 9602 Views
Learn Italian 5 - At the Beach

Beaches in Italy draw more people per year than any other country in Europe. Learn these holiday phr...

Travel/Int'l 16 Tracks 8668 Views
Learn Italian 3 - Getting Around

Take a heed on these few Italian phrases which can be a tool for you when you travel to Italy or hav...

Travel/Int'l 12 Tracks 6881 Views
Italian Accent Soundboard

Ask an American to imitate an Italian speaking English, and most of the time you will get the sort o...

Travel/Int'l 23 Tracks 52605 Views
Learn Italian with Fabio

Whether your admiring the Parthenon in Rome Italy or just looking to pick up hot chicks in Venice, ...

Travel/Int'l 11 Tracks 33926 Views
Learn Italian 1 - Basics & Shopping

Learn some of the basic Romance Language you must know when you get to Italy for a vacation. These w...

Travel/Int'l 23 Tracks 12399 Views


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