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Napolean Dynamite Soundboard 1

Napoleon Dynamite, Jon Heder is the typical sad-sack, luckless loser that has permeated high schools...

Prank Calls 26 Tracks 65394 Views
Kip from Napolean Dynamite

Kip Dynamite is Napoleon's thirty-year-old, colossally impish brother, played by Aaron Ruell. Kip sp...

Prank Calls 16 Tracks 43687 Views
Pedro from Napolean Dynamite

Pedro Sanchez (Efren Ramirez) is one of Napoleon Dynamite's best friend. Pedro can be described as h...

Prank Calls 16 Tracks 32351 Views
Uncle Rico from Napolean Dynamite

Uncle Rico (Jon Gries) is the self-absorbed uncle of Napoleon and Kip. He played football in high sc...

Prank Calls 15 Tracks 28253 Views
Napolean Dynamite Soundboard 2

Life at high school is daily misery for Napoleon, who is picked on cruelly and routinely. He has no ...

Prank Calls 20 Tracks 25983 Views
Celebrity Prank Calls Vol.2

A delightful mix of celebrity prank phone calls. Including Napolean Dynamite, Bruce Willis, Michael ...

Prank Calls 11 Tracks 123687 Views


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