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Plan 9 From Outer Space

Plan 9 from Outer Space is a 1959 cult classic film by Ed Wood often considered the worst movie of a...

Movies 16 Tracks 9470 Views
007 Moonraker Soundboard

Moonraker is a 1979 James Bond film starring Roger Moore. It wasn't suppose to be the next film in t...

Movies 14 Tracks 8812 Views
Alien Atmospheres 2

Listen to these clips and have a trip into very dark ambient territory, an amelodic, surreal, incorp...

Sound FX 17 Tracks 11618 Views
Lost in Space Soundboard

Clips from Lost in Space sitcom, a science fiction family about Americas First Family in Space....

Television 23 Tracks 37761 Views
Alien Atmospheres

The alien atmosphere is accomplished through an array of effects and strange sounds. Hear aliens tal...

Sound FX 15 Tracks 26497 Views
Thundercats - Silverhawks clips

Silverhawks, essentially, is a 1940's Chicago cop show in outer space. The evil criminal Monstar an...

Television 20 Tracks 18128 Views
Invader Zim Sounds 2

Take a trip to outer space with the cartoon adventures of alien intruder Invader Zim! It is centered...

Television 44 Tracks 36690 Views
Neon Noodle, vol. 1

I collect noises and voices from outer space and record them. I also make noises with my fretless ba...

Other 12 Tracks 3423 Views


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