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Dufrais Constantinople - Fonejacker

Dufrais Constantinople is the complaining Jewish man in the British comedy program, Fonejacker. He i...

Television 23 Tracks 29902 Views
Mr. Doovde - Fonejacker

Mr.Doovde is a camel-riding aficionado of electrical goods, who believes that acronyms and initialis...

Television 14 Tracks 18270 Views
George Agdgdgwngo - Fonejacker

George Agdgdgwngo is a very polite African Ugandan scammer who'll try to get hold of your bank detai...

Television 30 Tracks 130002 Views
ISP Guy- Fonejacker

Sajnu alias ISP Man is an Indian man who works in a call centre in India for Internet Service Provid...

Television 23 Tracks 66128 Views
Fonejacker - Film Film

coming soon...

Comedians 27 Tracks 12592 Views
Fonejacker bungalows


Comedians 12 Tracks 9496 Views
Charlie Wong - Fonejacker Soundboard

Charlie Wong...

Prank Calls 1 Tracks 12925 Views
Terry Tibbs Soundboard

Terry Tibbs from E4's show "fonejacker"...

Prank Calls 105 Tracks 98737 Views
Fone Jacker Mouse

The mouse voice of Fone jacker, phoning a pet shop...

Television 17 Tracks 14712 Views


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