Mp3 Recorder Tutorial

Topics covered:


1) Download two files: Audacity Installer & Lame Mp3 Encoder

2) Save them both in the same location so you can locate them later.

The first time you use the "Export as MP3" command, Audacity will ask you where lame_enc.dll is saved. Once you locate it, you will never have to do this step again.

Recording & Playback

1) The Red circular button starts the recording.
 Any sound you hear on your computer speakers including a microphone if it’s plugged in will be recorded. This includes any sound from any website, a live audio stream, or you own cd/dvd player playing. If you would prefer to record in stereo go to File/Preferences/AI Devices/record in stereo.
2) The Yellow square button stops the recording.
3) The Green triangle button plays back the recording.

Increasing the volume (if needed)

1) Select Effect/Amplify.

2) The maximum possible increase in volume is automatically calculated, click ok if you feel it’s needed.

Editing (if needed)

1) With your mouse, select a section you want to delete. This will now appear highlighted in dark grey. Hit the delete key on your keyboard to delete it.

NOTE: If you would like to learn more about Audacity’s many other editing features, click on the help menu.

Saving your sound clip

1) File/ Export as .Mp3

2) Always choose ID3v1 (more compatible) This is the standard. Your sound may not play correctly on if you don’t make it compatible!

Converting a .wav file to an .mp3 file for

1) File/ Open
2) Increase volume or edit if needed (see intructions above)
3) Export as .mp3
4) choose ID3v1 (more compatible)

Now you’re ready to make your very own soundboards!

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