Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 'Soundboard'?

A 'soundboard' is like an audio album or soundtrack/jukebox for all your favorite Mp3 sound bites and audio clips.

You can build a sounboard for your own listening pleasure or upload your sound and share it with the world.

Soundboards are perfect for musicians of all kinds, radio stations, tv, podcasts, family, comedy, products, politicians and campaigns and much, much more. Express and promote yourself through your soundboard.

And now you can even make money with your board. Learn how it works »

What does membership include?

Soundboard members get all the tools they need to create original and professional soundboards. That includes apps, desktop software, bulk upload, Board Share and more. Each member can build up to ten boards per account plus it's free, fun, secure and easy. Learn all about it

SB Members can also purchase single tracks off restricted boards or Full Access to all the sounds on the board. See How it Works for more.

Not a member? Join now, it's easy, secure and 100% free.

How do I make a soundboard?

You can build up to ten (10) boards for each Soundboard account.

1. Simply login (or register, it's free) and click the Create New Soundboard button under My Account.

2. Follow the Soundboard Creation Wizard as it guides you, step-by-step, through customizing your board - remembering that you can edit your info at a later time.
3. Add clips, tracks, sounds.

How to add tracks...
There are three (3) different ways to add sounds to your board.
A. Board Share
Board Share lets you browse our site, selecting and adding tracks as you go from any 'Public' soundboard. Look for the '+' icon on tracks, click to add to your board.

B. Single Track & Bulk Upload
Upload your own mp3 files, up to 125mb of storage space per account. Upload single tracks or bulk - up to 10 at a time.

C. Record and Post
Our free app let's you record and post sounds directly from your phone. Free for iOS and Android. Get the Recorder ».
Once you've added some sounds, your soundboard will become public and you are off and running!

But I don't have any audio or sound clips?

So what? You can build a complete board just by browsing and searching our site, looking for audio that relates or promotes your products. Or go to the home page and use our recorder to make sounds - you can post them directly to your playlist.

Once registered, you can grab any track you like from Public sountboards. Learn more about Board Share

Or use the phone app to record sounds around you, in your world. The app is free for all members and membership is free.

What is a 'Restricted' soundboard?

There are THREE types of soundboards on our site: Public, Private, Restricted.

  1. Public
    Unlimited play, board share, download access.
  2. Private
    Unlimited play, restricted usage.
  3. Restricted
    Unlimited play. Also purchase and download individual tracks or the entire soundboard, their usage defined.

You can purchase individual tracks off 'Restricted' boards for download OR you can click the 'Full Board' button and get access to all tracks for a discounted price.

For tracks, simply click the 'cart' icon on the track you would like to purchase. For full board rights, click 'Full Board' button to add to cart.

Once complete, simply login to your account and go to 'My Sounds' to get your tracks. Usage rights are dictated by board owner and would include Personal, Commercial or Both.

What is 'Full-Access'?

You can purchase individual tracks off 'Restricted' boards or you buy access to the entire board via Total Access - gives you download access to all the tracks on the board for one low, discounted rate.

Once purchase is complete, login and revisit the soundboard and 'Download' box will be displayed on the page, right side. Or visit My Sounds in your account.

Once I have paid, how do I download tracks?

Once you have completed your payment, your tracks will be listed under My Account > My Sounds

Once I have paid for 'Full Board' access, how do I download tracks?

Once you have completed payment, your boards will be listed under My Account > My Sounds.

Visit the board purchased, 'Download Now' icon will be next to each track, simply click arrow icon to begin download.

I can't seem to download tracks I want off a certain soundboard?

You can download tracks ONLY off soundboards that are 'Type: Public'.

Some boards are restricted, meaning they will only play tracks unless you purchase the track or full board access. To buy a track, click the 'cart' icon next to track and then checkout using our secure system. Membership is required to buy sounds and boards.

How do I make ringtones?

Making a ringtone with any downloaded mp3 from Soundboard is easy. Check out our simple step-by-step guide for iPhone adn Android phones, How to Make Ringtones

What is Board Share™?

Board Share is our innovative program that allows registered members/builders the opportunity to share and use sound bites from other soundboards. Choosing a 'public' board also allows visitors to embed your soundboard and download, email your tracks - or add them to their own board. It is up to the individual soundboard owner as to whether or not enable this feature.

Click here to learn more about our innovative program, Board Share™

My music/files are all on a CD, how do I convert the tracks to Mp3?

You can easily use iTunes. To convert a song's file format just insert the disk and open iTunes:

  1. Choose Edit > Preferences, then click the Advanced tab at the top of the window and click Importing.
  2. From the Import Using pop-up menu, choose the Mp3 format that you want to convert the song to, then click OK to save the settings.
  3. Select one or more songs in your library, then choose Advanced > Convert Selection to MP3
  4. To convert all the songs in a folder or on a disk, hold down the Shift key and choose Advanced > "Convert Selection to," then choose the folder or disk containing the songs you want to convert. All the songs in the folder or on the disk will be converted except audio files you purchased from the iTunes Music Store. (Purchased songs are encoded using a protected AAC format that prevents them from being converted.)

My sound clips are .WAV files, how do I convert them to Mp3?

You can use the free phone app to record and post, instantly making them mp3. Free mp3 recorder.

As well, there are many conversion programs out there that will take all your .wav files and convert them to mp3 quickly and easily. Our favorite program is Smart Wave Converter Or the free Mp3 recorder you receive with your membership can convert them for you.

How do I record sound bites?

You can record and post directly to your soundboard using our new Recorder app on your phone. It's free and so easy. Get the App ».

How do I upload Mp3s to My Soundboard?

Login to your account. You have TWO ways to upload files.

1. Single Upload

Enter the name or title of your sound clip and select 'browse'. Find the mp3 file on your hard drive, hit OK and then click 'Submit' on the page.

2. Bulk Upload

Add up to ten tracks at once. Just 'browse' for all the files you'd like to add and when complete, click the 'Upload' button. You will receive a status message.

You will get a message telling you whether or not your upload was successful.

You can also add sounds to your playlist using Board Share, Record and Post on our home page and Add a Track.

I uploaded some mp3s and they are listed in my soundboard but there is no sound? Or it doesn't play?

Please check to make sure you have the latest version of Flash installed and updated. As well, if you just uploaded them, they may not be visible at the moment but are listed. Clear your cache and check back later.

My Soundboard link/URL doesn't work?

Your soundboard will not become available for viewing, public or private, until you customize it and add/link at least one mp3 file. Your board will then be public.

One of my sound clips is playing really fast?

The problem of the speed up is in the mp3 code. Flash doesn't support VBR mp3 and the code must be at 44100.

To check whether your Mp3s are compatible simply mouseover or check the properties on the file. If the "bit rate" says "40kbps" it is NOT compatible. If you mouseover/properties and see "56kbps" or HIGHER - it IS compatible and will work correctly. Most Mp3s today run at the faster so few of you should encounter this problem, only with older mp3 files.

How many songs/clips can I upload to my Soundboard?

Your free soundboard allows you to upload 125mb worth of Mp3 files. That is ALOT of space, some of our best boards contain hundreds of tracks.

Are my Mp3 files safe?

Yes. First of all, with Flash you cannot 'right-click' and 'save' from a program. Second, all our playlists are dynamically created and the source file locations are encrypted and varied. This ensures that the protected location of your files never appears. Finally, your account management and upload is SSL secured, making sure anything you do to manage is encrypted by Global Sign. Please click the image at the bottom of this page to verify.

Why should I create a Soundboard?

Why not? It's fast, easy, simple and free. You can have your very own Flash soundboard up and running in a few minutes. Whether you're a musician or an announcer or even a karaoke singer - gives you the opportunity to step up to the microphone. Allow others to use your tracks and board and you can spread your sound everywhere, to everyone!

Or just to express yourself - let the world get to know you through your sounds.
Plus the promotional value is real, we get tens of thousands of visitors and good soundboards get listed in search engines. Some soundboards get thousands of views per day from search engines alone.

Aren't soundboards used to make prank phone calls?

Traditionally yes but that is NOT what our site is about. We are redefining what a soundboard is and trying to bring it into the mainstream. Prank phone calls are great - if you're 13 years old.

Our site is designed to be a 'library of sound' we think the 'soundboard' is a terrific media to deliver short and entertaining sound bites you can explore and share.

Soundboards aren't for prank calls anymore - they are for SOUND. All types of sounds from Churchill to kids to music and travel.


Because we make it so easy for you to build, customize, manage, edit, update and promote your own high-quality Flash soundboard. You also get to link from your soundboard to your web site.

Plus, you benefit from all the daily traffic this web site currently receives - we are a Top 5,000 site according to Quancast.

Finally, for the TRAFFIC. Building a soundboard means 'exposure' in more ways than one including our site traffic and search engine listings. You also ge to link your board to your site, creating a backlink to your own venture.

And it's all free so the question is, what exactly are you waiting for?