Only 2.5mb, My Soundboard (Beta) is a very simple way to create, manage and play mp3 soundboards right on your desktop while also giving you access to our massive catalog of sounds. Here are the deets...
  • Small desktop program (only 2mb)
  • Create endless playlists
  • Add free tracks from our library of sounds
  • Upload mp3s from your local drive
  • Drag-n-drop sounds into your Playlists
  • Purchase ‘Restricted’ sounds
  • Secure, simple and fun
  • Slick, easy alternative for your music and sounds
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS
  • NO malware, spam, adware or add-ons…guaranteed
  • 100% free for all SB members

Version 1.2.4

My Soundboard is free for all members - and membership is free. Not a member? Register »

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MySB is small, secure and exceedingly simple to use – add tracks off your hard drive or drag-n-drop them into your playlist from our huge library of sounds.


My Board

Displays your selected Playlist for play, sorting, editing and deleting. Also includes sort, loop, shuffle and play-all buttons and functions. The ‘Add Tracks’ button lets you upload local mp3 audio files to your Playlists.

Get Sounds

The 'Get Sounds' tab gives you full access to's massive library of tracks. Want a sound? If it is a 'Public' soundboard, just drag-n-drop into a playlist. If 'Restricted', you can purchase the sound and then add it.


This tab keeps track of every track or soundboard you have ever purchased or bought off our site. Also available online. For single tracks, drag-n-drop in your playlists. For 'full board' purchases, visit the soundboard, drag-n-drop any track on the board into your playlist.