Our Mission...


Soundboard.com was born out of our frustration.

We were trying to gather audio clips online and discovered that they were scattered in nature. Trying to find a certain soundbite was an adventure filled with multiple formats and speeds - and lots of frustration.

Soundboard.com puts all your audio clips in one easy to manage location, accessible from any device. We’ve alleviated the aggravation and brought back the enjoyment!

Therefore, the first part of our mission is to invite everyone to help us create a central site for audio clips in a format that anyone with a connection and a browser can enjoy.

The other aspect of our mission is to collect 'sounds' - from all over the world, in varying scale, scope and category. We want to build a 'library of sound' that users can explore, search and discover. We invite you to be creative and bold as you join our mission.

Finally, our mission is to remind people living in a visual world that what we hear can be equally as involving and possibly more powerful than what we see. And that listening can be even more profound than speaking.

All the above can be summed up in three words: standardize, categorize, centralize - this is an audio world we can all share, without the earlier hassles and disperse nature of audio.

Listen. Build. Share. You'll be amazed at what you discover.