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James Brown (1933-2006) Dynamic singer, songwriter, bandleader and dancer, forever transformed 20th-century music over his restless 50 year career. R.I.P. Mr. Dynamite.

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This is my "anything" soundboard, hope you like it!

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Fun for grinding!

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In typical Al Pacino style these prank calls are abrasive gangster inquistions by a tough guy nobody would want to be on the bad side of! Adult language.

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Get ready for interrogations, cross examinations and your final judgement from on high because Judge Judy is always right!

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People love to be live on the air so how will they react when radio DJ Howard Stern asks them some penetrating questions? Adult language.

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The minister of mental heath calls the Church of Scientology and more. Some adult language.

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me being stupid and some random mp3 to keep you entertained as well as stopping boredom from striking for a while

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funny stuff

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Okay, this is just a soundboard of things that I thought sounded good and listen to. Probably a lot of funny stuff and maybe some *other* stuff

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Outspoken, opinionated and brutally blunt, Hal Turner has been called one of the Founding Fathers of the talk radio revival.

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Artie Wheeler, a popular Hal Turner caller

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Seriously, you can't blame some of these callers for going nuts on the support staff - but that is the rub, they are just "support" - like a jock strap. Enjoy the mayhem.

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OK this board is not for kids, Mr. Rogers makes prank calls to several fine establishments including a strip club - oh no! Adult Language.

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Irving DeStiller is a regular caller to Play Talk, The Sunday Roast and The Ross Patzelt Radio Show. Here are some of his catchphraes.

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Enjoy pranking your friends with this soundboard!

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Miss Cleo is picking up a physic vibration, perhaps predicting that this is the biggest and best collection of her prank calls here.

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Rev up your engines! We got audio clips from the movie Talladega Nights here. Will Ferrell plays top NASCAR race car driver Ricky Bobby, the man who pisses excellence.

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This soundboard is for the radio show "Driving With Gass" heard every weekday morning from 8-10 on KWSS 106.7FM Scottsdale, and on the web at

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In the 30's, The dust bowl & great depression were cause for great suffering. Aviators & serviceman we're heroes. FM radio and TV broadcasts we're being tested. Towards the end of the decade, the Germans invaded Poland as war in Europe loomed ahead.

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1940-1949: Hitler's rise to power and his defeat. WWII ends as bombs drop over Japan. George Orwell's books Animal Farm and 1984 lampoon totalitarianism & communism. A UFO reportedly crashes in Roswell NM. Frank Sinatra and Walt Disney entertain.

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Ht soundboard voor HK-radio!

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