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funny Christmas music. for those out there struggling to get in the Christmas spirit.

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He's Fierce. He's unstoppable. His wife has boobs the size of milk jugs. RUN!

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My flagship board on The CD Networks

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Some of the more common Japanese phrases are spoken for you to listen and practice.

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George Harrison was the lead guitarist of The Beatles. His interests in Indian music and Hinduism during his lifetime made a mark on the music scene and helped bring about the psychedelic rock genre.

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Really pointless

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A wise and unstobbable force of nature offers you her uninhibited commentaries on love and life known as "Madea-isms."

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Nothing snaps a woman into shape like ordering her around in another language. Spanish is perfect for the abusive, wife-beater in you.

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Hi, I'm Troy McClure - you might remember me from such soundboards as 'The Simpsons' and 'Phil Hartman'

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An age of youth, revolutionary changes in education, values, lifestyles, laws, and entertainment in the U.S.A. Listen to the history of a decade in audio.

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With 5 TV Shows, 8 Movies, games and more Star Trek is loved by fans worldwide of every generation. Here is a sampling of tv quotes and themes from the classic to more recent shows.

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Collection of sound effects for fun and projects.

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Lots of great science fiction TV theme songs here. Even the "mystery" type shows like Twilight Zone, In Search of and Xfiles since as a fan I loved those too.

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Some sound clips from the 1997 camp classic directed by Paul Verhoeven and starring Casper Van Diem and Denise Richards as the dorky leads. Would you like to know more?

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It's a tradition every year, to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special. This show is like "It's a wonderful life" in cartoon form, I love it!

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Sir Paul McCartney, known for his tender love songs and propensity for writing strong melodies with The Beatles talks about his life as a musician, husband and more here.

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As a member of The Beatles, and after, John Lennon's songwriting was full of pain, love, peace and hope. He was also a voice in the counterculture peace movement of the 60's before his untimely assasination.

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One of the greatest athletes of all time. MJ brought years of thrills to the basketball court and remarkable mind body and spirit to fans and friends everywhere.

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Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are hilarious in this story about John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey, a pair of committed womanizers who sneak into weddings to take advantage of the romantic tinge in the air. Many classics on this board.

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In 1878, Inventor Thomas Alva Edison built the first working phonograph, a tin foil cylinder machine. Later discs made of vinyl we're maufactured. Hear the very first audio recordings ever made in human history.

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A large sampling of some of the brilliant moments from the career of this amazing writer, artist, actor and comedian. You'll find clips from Newsradio to Simpsons to SNL.

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Nobody did it better than Phil Hartman - escpecially when he was playing the sly and slippery Bill McNeal. Phil made the show great - this board honors him.

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These are the ones I remember growing up to. They make me nostalgic for that time, hope you enjoy!

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iain lee

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Sugar, Mr. Poon? No, no, never, never. Who can forget Chevy as the indistinguishable reporter Fletch? Here are some highlights from that classic comedy.

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One of the few to make great movies after Saturday Night Live. Adam Sandler has a subtle regular guy delivery, also sings songs and can do dramatic roles ... what's next?

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A very basic assortment of Russian phrases and words spoken by Russian speakers - handy if you plan on visiting.