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A series of sounds I use for my Kenku named Crinkle in my DnD games! Full of little snippets of medieval-inspired noises, such as coins, spell noises, blades, animals, and more

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shotprov 513

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King's X Vocal Harmony practice for "Dogmen" tribute group

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Incredible quotes from your neighborhood crip. On hood, keepin it 55th.

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need help articulating your feelings about FIFA?

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Defend ymeria

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A soundboard/collection of sound clips from the Nijisanji English livers. Idea is from Selen's collab stream with Vox and AmaLee. Feel Free to use them. None of the following clips are from any forms of paid content. YT Link if you're curious: Google Form to submit sound clips:

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For my D&D game.

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Game sounds

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is this gregory stephens?

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Calling from Springfeel...

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Tijdelijke soundboard voor repetities.

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Obra lenguaje

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Random meme sounds I pilled up

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its a soundboard

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For my D&D game.

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need help articulating your feelings about FIFA or the world?

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first soundboard, just trying it out

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Herbert sounds with my own voice

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למחזה המוגבלים

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This is Tiesha

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Sound effects

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the cooba board

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Best of Virginia from the KVJ Show / After The Show (ATS) Podcast by DJ Roco

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NJSLA sound board pep rally effects