Holidays (3757 Tracks)

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Volume 3 of Christmas music right here. All kinds of traditional instrumental versions of holiday songs you know and love.

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Travel back to 1960 and relive the Spook Stuff For Hallowe'en sounds that chilled you to the bone playing this classic old record.

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Holiday Movies

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Flesh blood eyeballs and body parts everywhere! Youll have to clean up well and good after this years Halloween.

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New Zealand rowing champion

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first try at this holiday sounds

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For Use in the Children's Christmas Eve Service

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14 Vintage scary tracks from the old days right here in the Halloween Funhouse! Maybe you remember them from growing up, maybe they still make you shiver...

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Volume 5 of Scary Music Loops for your haunted house, or your personal music or video production, terrific for ambient or goth music and whenever you need an evocative creepy sound! Beats per minute and keys are notated for musicians and sound designers.

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My students have taken holiday music and recomposed them in their own style. Some students even created original songs. This is a sample of what will be on our Holiday CD that we are using as a fundraiser.

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Classic sound effects sourced from vinyl records circa 1973. Bone chilling even today! Put this soundboard on autoplay and you will have songs and effects playing hands free at your house this Halloween, so turn up the volume and scare the kids.

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Sounds my English class used in a short production of "A Christmas Carol".

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