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Some of my very favorite Napoleon Dynamite moments from this classic film including some Tina. Seriously, you're bruising my neckmeat!

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You love Godzilla because of the low-budget special effects, men in rubber suits, bad Japanese dubbing and monster fights!

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Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels do their absolute best to be dumb and dumber - although the big question is which one is which? Enjoy these classic sound clips and get the special unrated DVD below.

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Sling Blade is the poignant drama about one man and his struggle to interact with a harsh, prejudice society that is all too un-accepting of his mental disability and precarious history. Sometimes a hero comes from the most unlikely place. Absolutely amazing, Probably one of Thornton's finest movies.

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In The Friday the 13th horror films a mother suffers the accidental drowning of her physically deformed son Jason while the camp counselors are busy humping. Somehow, Jason lives and gets revenge on Camp Crystal lake teenagers for sequels to come!

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Scream started the whole "self aware horror" thing that became the big trend. The movie keeps a frantic pace and an atmosphere of paranoia very well. Hear the clips of the GhostFace in Scream's sequels.

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THIS IS SPARTA ! King Leonidas sound clips are here people. Short one liners fun to interject into common everyday conversation ;) Also a techno song spoof is thrown in at the end for laughs.

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OPTIMUS PRIME is is the fictional commander of the main protagonist group in the Transformers. He is the largest, strongest, and wisest of all Autobots. Check out his clips here Transformers fans!

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Audio clips and the most bone chilling scenes from horror movies and slasher films.

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His story is infamous, his victims are numerous... He is Chucky of Child's Play movie. The notorious killer doll with the satanic smile and the demonic doll attempting to possess the soul of Andy Barclay. He always was rude and mean!!!

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Clips from an instant classic starring Steve Carrell as the hapless virgin. Includes bites from Cal, Mooj and more.

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Hear the scary voice of Emperor Palpatine, the evil guy in Star Wars and the supreme ruler of the most powerful tyrannical regime the galaxy had ever witnessed. It was his manipulative ability that propelled him to mastery of the galaxy.

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The man, the movie, the legend. Sound clips form the Borat movie film. Adult language, lewdness and many many unsavory acts against humanity.

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In Step Brothers, Will Ferrell plays Brennan Huff with stepbrother John C. Reilly as Dale Doback. Ferrell has stepped back to his Anchorman days and really delivers a powerfully funny performance. Here are some of memorable quotes, which kids/live-at-home adults can add to their arsenal of movie lines to spew. Adult Language

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Ken Jeong portrayed the role of Mr. Leslie Chow in the movie The Hangover. His turn as the quirky Asian gangster Mr. Chow is so out there that you cant help but laugh, and is certainly one of the most talked about elements of this film. Adult Language.

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It's Team America - f*ck yeah! It's got everything: action, witty dialogue, diabolical enemy and hot puppet sex. Mature language - f*ck yeah!

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One of the funniest films of the decade filled with funky ghetto humor. And remember a lot can go down between thursday and saturday... Adult language.

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What if mankind had to leave Earth and somebody forgot to turn the last robot off? WALL-E is about a robot who is the only thing left on earth with some sort of emotion. He meets another robot named EVE, and the trip begins. This truly is one beautiful, touching animated sci-fi film...

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