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Just some funny sounds I like to use in ventrilo.

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Roland Perez aka ThePreacher84040, is a big lunatic preacher on YouTube.

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very funny

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Here at Edifying Others, we would like to turn your attention to, let's listen to it

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Or is it the Bagel? As you see mah boi i wonderwats for dinner probably spaghetti and toast

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random stuff

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In language, "fuck" falls into many grammatical categories, making it one of the most versatile words in the English language. Hear the many uses of the F-word. Adult Language.

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It's a fun soundboard that my idiot friends recorded me saying on a ventrilo server.

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This is 29 clips I made of Peggy from Ventrillo Harassment - Duke Nukem Style. If you haven't seen it, go to www.youtube.com and watch it!

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Just a sgt.dornan soundboard from fallout 2

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Jim Cramer is a T.V personality, former hedge fund manager, and author. He is currently CNBC's Mad Money host, director of TheStreet.com and hosted the radio show Real Money with Jim Cramer.

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No! I don't describe that!

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There's Leather Belt Thing , Team Fortress 2 Taunts and More

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Talk like a pirate with these clips... AARGH!!!

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This board will be used for LordWhiteTiger's Virtual DJ Services on World Of Kaneva. It will eventually include clips from movies, effects and ...anything else that seems fun to work into my DJ'ing.

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The most annoying voice emotes from the most annoying race in Everquest 2

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Yb Better + Ratio + Loud = funny bozos (Suggest sum stuff you would want me to upload in the comments)



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