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Add cool ringtones to your new iPhone... check this out!

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Family Guy Voices

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Here's Reggae Beats. These are royalty free beats you can use for your music. Creator name is Birkan Ozkan.

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Soundboard used for the epic rendition of The Family Feud that was played in their very own living room.

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Come and get these Trumpets military sound effects into you mobile phones

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Do you ever wonder what a particular bus sounds like or sometimes miss the charming sounds of a favorite bus? Here you can experience that sound again and share your bus sounds with others.

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Special sound effects to use mixes and shows

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For the car enthusiast, thes Ferrari ringtones take you down to the road in style. These car ringtones reflect the Ferrari's speed and luxury as it wizzes by lesser cars on the road.

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All sailboats should carry a foghorn for making signals to warn other boats of your presence when sailing in fog. When under sail, a sailboat should make the sound signal for a boat with limited maneuverability every 2 minutes. This signal is one long blast followed by two short blasts. Here are some typical foghorn sounds.

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A moving car is a complex symphony of sound, most of it reassuring--tires humming, engine rumbling, tailpipes roaring. Listen to other recorded car activities and hot rod sounds effects.

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General sounds made by a Helicopter.

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Listen to these creepy sounds from Zombies!

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Some of us think that bell is just a simple sound-making device. For many people, swinging bells voice everyday feelings. In times of sorrow the bells sound mournful, but the same bells can sound happy and joyful on feast days and holidays.

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AOOOGAH !!! It's car horns from the golden era of automobiles. Classic cars make some of the funniest sounds and often the horns we're fancy poliched metal and outside the vehicle.

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These are actual answering machine messages that people have recorded. You can even use these on your cell phone!

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The popularity of the Scottish Bagpipe continues to grow. This can be witnessed at how often the bagpipe player can be seen playing for special occasions such as weddings, funerals, parties, religious festivals, and military ceremonies. It is the only instrument to be declared a weapon of war.

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Here's Drum Loops. These are royalty free sounds you can use to create your own music.

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