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by Jordan Corowa - 324 tracks
you're yelling at me
your faithful student...
wow catchy
what have i done
very smart
very efficient and gross
tough love, baby
this is no joke
this is my book and im gonna read it
sunshine sunshine
sounds like you've got a letter to write to princess celestia
shes evil
rift between good friends
prove it
pls dont hate me
pardon me princess
old pony tale
oh no, this is bad
no shrieking
no rly
no excuses
my whole life depends on it
my little ponies
look out here comes tom
keep it together
just wait
it's the perfect plan
its not over yet
i'm sry i wasted your time
i think i hear my laundry calling, sry gotta go
i don't get it
hide your feelings from me
hi girls
got any problems
good afternoon, my name...
for them for me for equestria
doesn't that hurt
do everything by the book
dear princess celestia
clock is ticking
are you crazy
all the ponies in this town are crazy
ah, hello
what, whats wrong
way to go little guy
this won't end well
spike want
snap out of it
say that 10 times fast
say it, dont spray it
rainbow wig
not likely but possible
most ridiculous thing
kooky grampa
is it zombies
i wish this party could last forever
i got nothing
i can't even work with that
how do you know
holy guacamole
gosh you really like it huh
dude, that's creepy
can you do that, can you explode twice
awesome mustache
another donut, extra sprinkles
an outhouse
(evil laugh)
you're just saying that
you must
you look smashing
why do you have to be so good and make me look so bad
what ever shall we do
what a drama queen
try it punk
this is whining
thing at the place
thank you
tell me
take that you ruffian
some of us do have standards
pruney hooves
of all the worst things
now when you say a week is that 7 whole days
never fear my dear
Mama's coming
let us never speak of this again
leave me alone
just because im a lady doesnt mean i cannot myself handle a sticky situation
it is on
is that princess celestia
i'm so pathetic
ill destroy her
i know where you live
i didn't know you could burn juice
how could you
how can you be so insensitive
gum on their bum
gently please
expect me to lay on the grass
dumb rock
doesn't even make sense
do ponies do wallow in pity
crime against fabulosity
but i thought you wanted whining
as celestia is my witness
afraid to get dirty
you wanna do this the hard way
you dont wanna know
you are so random
who are you calling a chump
where is an out-of-control vehicle when you need one
what do you have in mind
what are you talking about
time to take out the adorable trash
this is way to boring for me
that's it i'm outta here
sounds like sour apples to me
pause for dramatic effect
not cool
never fear your friendly neighborhood rainbow dash is here
my life is ruined
it's all true
it needs to be about 20% cooler
is this some kind of cruel joke
im staying here in cloudsdale
i'm on it
im an egghead
i love fun things
i know it's gonna be so awesome
i hate losing
i dont like ponies touching my hooves
i am the iron pony
how would you like to be immortalized as my friend
get off there and put em up
for you own safety
fangirl squeal
darn it now you got me acting all sappy
danger is my middle name
best day ever
are you a spy
10 seconds flat
you are a wonderful student
will you accept my friendship
what is going on here
want you by my side
these creatures are adorable
the fate of equestria is in your hooves
rather melodramatic, if you ask me
nothing means more to me than the well being of all my subjects
meet me in the library
looks like you all learned
i'm so proud of you
im listening
i princess celestia hereby decree
i knew you could do it
have no fear ponies
are you not happy that your quest is complete
you really need to get out more
you pinkie promised
you may be right, silly
you know what this calls for
you can call me pinkie all of my friends do
well duh
twitcha twitch
too old for free candy
time is candy
this may look like fun but its not
this calls for extreme measures
that's so not rue
somepony do something
pinkie pie swear
pinkie pie style
oui, that is correct, madame
oki doki loki
oh no
oatmeal, are you craz...
nopony breaks a pinkie promise
no im not, im a chicken
my friends don't like my parties..
mmmm, juicy
lets go
its true i do have a problem
its nightmare moon run
it was a moment in time that will never exist again
i'm just glad none of them ponies showed up
i never leave home without my party cannon
i never felt joy like that before
i know how it goes, all right
how equestria was made
hi, i'm pinkie pie..
hey that's what i said
happy birthday
chocolate rain
can you think inside a chimney
are you loco in the coco
and you know what that means
an enormously problem
aha, i knew it
we split those sweet sweet profits
look at these poor dissatisfied ponies
lets put it to the test
dont you worry everypony there will be plenty of cider for all of you
2 bits for a barrel
when all the truth does is make your heart ache sometimes a lie is easier to take
what fun is there in making sense
ugh gag
oh, for goodness sake
maybe the magic ot friendship can help you
ive forgotten how grim you can be
im prepared to be defeated now ladies
im missing some excellent chaos here
good luck everypony
fire when ready
everypony has to play or the game is over
you are okay rainbow dash
yeah applejack woohoo
oops my bad
nice work
i just dont know what went wrong
anything i can do to help
what's got you so excited
that's how everypony was wearing their mane back then
my flank was blank
i wish i had something to give you
break a leg
welcome to appleoosa
taint fair
shame on you
try one of your jokes
that incredible amazing doll
mines got rocks in it
i didnt put those in my bag
and you are
to big to handle
shmoopy doo
one pony plus
no deal
more than you can chew
go away
you're welcome
worked up over nothing
who are you calling a baby
what in the hay is that supposed to mean
what in tarnation
we don't normally wear clothes
thats what all the fuss is about
that's just stinkin thinkin
soups on everypony
oops, sry
no can do sugar cube
nah, you just eat'em
loosen up a bit
is that a challenge
im the getalonginist pony yer ever gonna meet
i'm applejack
i'd take cover if i were you
i told you so
i think we're gettin off-topic here
i didnt learn anything i was right all along
hoho there lover boy
hmmmm, nah
hint hint
helping the ponyfolks
get my rope
fit in really
don't you use your fancy mathematics to muddle the issue
doesnt that sound like fun
country music singer
chocolate milk
careful there, partner
can't hear you, i'm asleep
can you ever forgive me
be ready for a ride
all yours partner
what a thing to say
victoryful at something
trust me
that'll be 4 bits
power tools
out of its misery
not the cupcakes
likely story
i'm not a baby
i am a big pony
but i want it now
arent you gonna stay for brunch
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This is a sound board made with the finest hoofs in equestria.

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