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A cumpilation of joe

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troll people on ARMA 3

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Eddie Izzard, starting off sounding really bored "Phone, phone's ringing", getting a bit more annoyed "Your phone is ringing". If you still haven't answered you end up with him shouting "Answer the bloody phone". Check out this funny Eddie Izzard ringtones.

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Calvert DeForest (1921-2007) the actor who immortalized over 90 different characters as Larry 'Bud' Melman brought us Ask Mr. Melman, Toast On A Stick, and was hurled through the Berlin Wall. I raise my toast on a stick in tribute.

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Chevy Chase is often considered one of the most likeable comedic personalities of his generation. The prematurely balding, intelligent, fast-talking Chase created a couple classic characters... Check this out!

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A collection of Bill Burr-isms from the Monday Morning Podcast and Thursday Afternoon Just Before Friday Monday Morning Podcast.

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Inga sagt oft lustige Sachen. Hier kann man dann draufklicken.

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Sound bites of Tig Notaro and Professor Blastoff

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Smells like something... All right, let's have some fun with the classic Nirvana song: Smells Like Teen Spirit!

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Just some typical short soundboard like clips of Betty White being sexy and talking dirty. She can't help seducing !

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Check out the hilairious comedy songs of The Lonely Island from there new magnum opus Incredibad. The Lonely Island includes preformers and writers Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone and features SNL comedian Andy Samberg. But wait theres more ! T-Pain and many more guests join in on such hits as Jizz in My Pants and I'm On a Boat. Adult language.

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I DO like that.

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A tribute to magic hugs

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Made by Curtis Wood.

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Just my personal Fave lines.

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