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Carlos Mencia is a comedian, writer, & actor. He is currently the host of his own show on Comedy Central, Mind of Mencia. Mencia had instant success at LA stand-up venues as The Comedy Store and The L.A. Cabaret. Adult Language

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From the "Whitest Kids U Know - Abe Lincoln" Skit.

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Ed Grimley was a genius character! Possibly the best Martin Short ever did. He was first featured on the canadian comedy SCTV. These sound clips are very enjoyable I must say.

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Ricky Gervais has been dubbed Hollywoods Hottest Brit thanks to the success of his sitcoms The Office and Extras. He is now one of the heavy hitters in the entertainment industry. Listen to the clips of this funny guy!

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Frank Caliendo is comedian best known for his impersonations on Tv show MADtv, & has been the in-house prognosticator for FOX NFL Sunday. He is also well-known for his impression of George W. Bush & John Madden.

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J. B. Smoove gets profiled by the New York Times for his hilarious role as Leon Black on HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm. His family survived Hurricane Katrina and was then adopted by Larry LD David. He got a lot of internet buzz since his memorable appearance as Leon Black. He stabbed us in the stomach with hilarity! Adult Language.

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Sounds for use in DoP server a CSS source game.

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Alpa Chino is a parody of Al Pacino played by the comedian Brandon T. Jackson in the movie Tropic Thunder. Brandon's comedic inspiration comes from top comedians such as Sinbad, Martin Lawrence, and Chris Rock. Much of his material touches the ups and downs of being young. Communicating to and motivating youth is a mission etched in his heart.

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Stand-up comedian-turned-actor Mike Epps got his first big break performing on HBO's Def Comedy Jam. Tall and handsome with a charming smile and wiseass demeanor, Epps stood out in a string of broad comedies before finally being tapped to play more substantial characters in meatier films like 2007's Talk to Me. Adult language!

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Kristen Wiig played the E entertainment jealous co-worker of Alison's in the movie Knocked up and is a comedian on SNL. Check out her audio clips.

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He is Paul Reubens, Pee-Wee's creator, alter ego, and a comedian whose life out of costume has taken him from the heights of Hollywood celebrity to the depths of tabloid infamy.

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Triumph is a puppet created&performed by Robert Smigel premiering in 1997 on NBC's Late Night w Conan O'Brien.He's Usually puffing on a cigar and Insulting just about every one. His all time Popular video was I keed I keed on MTV."Adult language"

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De eerste woordjes van kiekske

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Here's Adam Sandler's silly songs from his varius movies and SNL that reveal to be the artist he really is.

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Will Ferrell doing his excellent impersonation of President George Bush talking about Global warming, voting and his fear of Horses that could strike at any moment.

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Mel Brooks has spent decades making people laugh. A certifiable legend with an emphasis on the certifiable part in the entertainment industry. He is also known as the grand master of movie satire and is one of Hollywood's most successful filmmakers.

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Danny McBride is a writer, actor and producer who has starred in several comedy films. Establishing a name in Hollywood wasn't as easy as he intended it to be. But In the last couple of years he is burst through the door like no one. He had an amazing 2008! Adult Language.

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