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Most gun sounds from call of duty black ops. Download all the sounds for just $1.95!!!

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Deckard Cain is a wizen'd old man present in all the Diablo games. His duties include advising the player on the best course of action, and, more importantly, identifying his or her items free of charge. Stay a while and Listen to Cain, voiced over by Michael Gough.

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I have failed to see any full soundboard yet created of this magnificent educational game.

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A bunch of random stuff from Lui's videos.

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StarCraft is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game released on March 1998. Starcraft features three powerful, yet balanced races, and you play as each race fights to the death for the fate of the universe. It has been called the greatest real-time strategy game ever made. Check this out!

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Moonbase Alpha provides a realistic soundboard of life on a natural satellite

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Rugalki bandosov iz stalkera

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Everything to use in vent plus some cool songs.

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Serious Sam is a is a science fiction first-person shooter video game. He returns to the roots of first-person shooters, serving up big guns, hordes of enemies, and plenty of attitude... SAM, I AM!!!

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Because we all need it!

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World at War thrusts players into the ruthless and gritty chaos of WWII combat and challenges them to survive the most harrowing and climactic battles of WWII. The sound effects are spectacular, from the eerie whistling noise that incoming artillery shells make, or the whistle of bullets in the air and the sound of gunfire. all well implemented.

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Zuma is a fast-paced puzzle game. The objective is to eliminate all the balls rolling round the screen. When three or more of the same color come in contact, they explode, possibly triggering other explosions as part of a chain reaction. Unearth the secrets of Zuma!

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YEah fam just for fun

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Playing the German version is the full realism mode in the World of War. The violence is what practically made this game so great. This totally changed history but it's just a game!

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Warcraft III is one of the most famous strategy games of all times. Your mission is to be Orco Thrall, and you have to guide the rest of the men through different territories with a numbers of risky enemies that will look for you and your army.

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Yb Better + Ratio + Loud = funny bozos (Suggest sum stuff you would want me to upload in the comments)



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