Holidays (3758 Tracks)

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Best Halloween Atmosphere sounds for your haunted house, yard or just mood music to get you going for one of the funnest holidays of the year.

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Sounds for recording of the Night Before Christmas

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Story time

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Halloween... Scary... Sound FX.... Horror.... Movies....

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Spooky sounds

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When it comes to Valentine's day, it's all about grand gestures. Serenade your sweeties by four guys in tuxedos to show your undying love in a four part harmony. Say I LOVE YOU with these singing quartets...bring a smile to their face and put a song in their hearts.

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Sounds used for drama.

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Just Some Halloween sounds to add to my blog space around the holidays

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Pleasant and upbeat music for background music for the Perfect Birthday Celebration. Happy Birthday Greetings and festive music are the heart of a birthday celebration.

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Put a speaker outside and play these as the trick or treaters approach. Be sure to hit the creaky door as you open the door. Need 2 people to do this well.

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Monsters growl, Mummys moan, Lions roar and even a Pterodactyl screams! Have the haunted house with the sound effects that makes it the best on the block this year.

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HAlloween sounds i used for my yard

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Remember the 80's? These are the wonderful Toys You Wanted for Christmas! TV commercials probably made you drool over Atari, Intellivision, Teddy Ruxpin, Dungeons and Dragons and everything in between. Santa I want it all!

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My personal board for Halloween. Music, sound effects, not much more, but still great.

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The Ultimate Halloween Screams sound effects for your Haunted house, Halloween party or just to scare the bloomers off your kids.

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Spend a Night in a Graveyard with this classic collection of Halloween music and sound effects from the 80's. Part 1 of 2.

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