Holidays (3758 Tracks)

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Yes, the holidays are upon us, and with that comes a rush of new and classic songs alike. They play in the car radio, in stores, on television, & from speakers outside stores...These are the best new ones from 2007 !

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In an effort to redeem himself days before Christmas, Cartman decides to bring Christmas to the Iraqis. The boys catch a ride with Mr. Hankey to the North Pole and, with the help of Santa and Jesus, successfully bring Christmas to Iraq. Adult Language

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Fabio's Valentines Day Tips.... "I like to take a special lady to the cinema, where we can hold hands in the dark." ... love is in the air!

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Here are movie, tv and commercial clips with the word valentine in it...

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The life and times of Seneca. Flying Dog Brewery's evangelist and master of the Pumpkin Spice Challenge.

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This year Christmas comes early, on Friday the 13th of July...enjoy these tunes to help get ye in the festive mood...

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Happiness and a brand new beginning what all of us wish evry New Year. As the clock ticks the final countdown to another year, it is once more time to wear the party hats, and toast to the fiesta of New Year!

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A Memorial Day History and audio clips tribute to soldiers everywhere. The Memorial Day holiday, which was first observed in 1866 in Waterloo, New York, was established as a time to mourn the Civil War dead by decorating graves with flowers. It's more than a relaxing long weekend, it's a day of tribute.

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Something is spooky about the weather on a scary night. Especially if that night is Halloween and the sounds coming from all around are dark and ominous!

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Light a fire, pour some egg nog, add a little booze, sit back and listen to some stylized holiday classics.

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It's that time of year when shows roll out their Thanksgiving episodes, adding to the pop culture archive of iconic turkey day moments. Here are some episodes from your favorite tv shows to commemorate Thanksgiving Holiday!

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For those who are sick of crass Christmas commericalism, here are some hilarious Prank Calls for the un Christmas season !

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Do you know your Valentine's history? Find out in this challenging true/or false quiz.

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They came back. Heart racing Zombie sounds to warn every one around that these Zombies want to eat brains! Great for your Haunted house this Halloween or just to freak out your friends anytime.

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Gospel music for Christmas is pretty much non existent now a days. Check out these songs that bring so much energy and joy as well.

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A collection of audio clips about why we celebrate Easter from the Judeo Christian story of the Ressurection. Also, news of the bones of Jesus alledgedly found.

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Is there a more romantic gift that you can think of? Your valentine will be very impressed and touched with this audio book, A Dozen Red Rose. Here are the sample clips of twelve specially selected favourite love poems, read by acclaimed actors Bill Wallis and Jenny Agutter.

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