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Join us in a bone chilling scream this Halloween

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This is a holiday all over the world for marijuana smokers, it happens every year on April 20. and at the time 4:20. Chill out dude! Adult Language

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American folk songs aren't all about protesting something, there are also plenty of great tunes that pay homage to America. These 4th of July songs embrace the spirit of American patriotism just as much. Enjoy playing these patriotic country rock and ballad songs while watching fireworks!

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The character named Yukon Cornelius is one of the most popular characters of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and has the voice of Larry D. Mann. He is a prospector who would make the viewers in believing that he has been searching for silver or gold. However, in reality he would be searching peppermint.

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Start the New Year off right -- with a New Year's Ringtone for your mobile phones! It's amazing how often you hear someone's phone ringing... only it's not a standard "ring", it's a unique song or jingle that makes you smile when you hear it.

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Play these in your haunted house or just to get you in the Halloween mood.

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Your greeting seasons will begin so sparklingly with these Thanksgiving ringtones. The stuff of Thanksgiving ringtones here are every special, because they are made for such a special occasion, a four day weekend which usually marks a pause in school and college calendars. Nothing is greater if you enjoy these ringtones on this day.

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Its Thanksgiving in South Park! The kids from South Park are having a Thanksgiving play and they have to do it better than the kindergardners. Meanwhile, Timmy has made a new friend named Gobbles.

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Thanksgiving day has always been a blast for kids with fun games and activities to enjoy. Here are the songs kids has been singing for years and they all love it!

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Hay-ho for Halloween! Here are the witches to be seen, manipulating natural and cosmic forces for either good or evil purposes.

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This soundtrack incorperates great musical composition as well as the light joyful spirit that only the muppets can bring. The songs get you right in the spirit of Christmas. I suggest seeing the film also so you can enjoy the music even more!

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Remember how Charlie Brown had to deal with Christmas and Halloween? Now he's got Thanksgiving to worry about. A pretty good Peanuts holiday special. This is a classic for anyone who saw this as a kid. Check this out!

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New Year is a time for celebration of love, of life, of Friendship. Here are the different versions of the same song played at New Years Eve, Auld Lang Syne. It's a Scottish term which means days gone by.

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Saint Patrick's day is an annual celebration with grand parades, community feasts and charity show. It has turned out to be one of the most celebrated events in Ireland and a major tourist attraction. Let us know the real fun of being Irish.

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Deranged laughter, crashing thunder, creaking doors and more! These scary sounds will send shivers down your spine when watching horror movies. Check out this creepy halloween movie sounds!

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Hanukkah Harry is the Jewish version of Santa Claus, portrayed by Jon Lovitz. He has a prominent beard, except his is thin and gray, and he wears a blue and white cap. Take off into the air with Harry... "On Mersha, on Hershel, on Schlomo".

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There's so much to get excited about at Christmas. Singing carols, spending time with the family, giving and receiving presents, and, of course, Christmas TV! Enjoy this Christmas TV clips here.

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