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I can't find a Technoblade soundboard so I figured I'd make one myself. Obviously, credit to Technoblade himself for the original clips. And credit to these Youtube channels whose videos I got the clips from: Zaprocket, kikaz, avatarpeanut, BII0K _, MellerRator, Lancea1ot, ArikS, ÆQÜĮLÃ ØF GĀÇHÃ, ZachZone, ITs G.W.A, Dream SMP Live, Zyphon, Random Nerd, frozen speedy, Revenge Raptor, wolf’s right toe, blueed, Ro0oney, Chezy, RandomHumanYT, Schwl Riko, iiDirt, OmicronGaming, Spirit _

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Angriest Counter-Strike Global Offensive player named Tense1983 raging in Spanish Created by Team Fortress 7 and Realm of Darkside on July 17th, 2020. This is an update to the last soundboard when Darkside did the last Tense1983 soundboard video in March 2020.

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Sounds for far post

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The shit we say in are band of misfit bastards.

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From the youtube sensation Leo and Satan

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Fairy Tail sounds including WOW!!!

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My Little Pony's Twilight Sparkle audio soundboard!

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dunkey sounds baybee

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For the soul purpose of fucking with people on xbox live ;)

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Frases de Juanito Navarro en "Queremos un hijo tuyo", espaÑIOlada de 1981.

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Ray... Zero

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so um austin mahone he's my boyytoy(: ya jell? hehehe

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Frame Perfection rages about Super Mario 64 modded speedruns. Created by 7TeamFortress7 and Realm of Darkside. This board has more sound files than the second one. The first one is not available anymore since Soundboard decided to remove the first Frame Perfection soundboard along with the Poofesure, Michael Jones, Pooper, and 800 sound files from the original Putz12 soundboard.

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Lovely and serene electric piano runs. Inspired by Tokyo train and subway sounds while riding along. Also great as custom IM chat sounds. Caution: May put you to sleep. Created by Zeethrogise.

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Sweet Brown and her cold pop

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