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just for fun!

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Seriously, you can't blame some of these callers for going nuts on the support staff - but that is the rub, they are just "support" - like a jock strap. Enjoy the mayhem.

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Good ones

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This is just a test

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Sound board of Wear Sunscreen,a 1999 classic song which was done by critically acclaimed Australian Film Director Baz Luhrmann.

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Joe's many phrases

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Crazy Clips I thought I'd share. Don't get butthurt if you hear yourself.

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A homestar runner soundboard includes different characters!

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Otis Elevator Voice Vocabulary

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More stuff than the other leading soundboard!

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this is the best KingCobraJFS soundboard on the net brought to you by the gn444zi Hell Mama. each play will cost you .44 cents and to download $44.34. support me and pay my bills PLZ SUBSCRIVE TO MY YOUTUBE SO I CAN SELL OUT @ HELL MAMA RAISED

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pretty much all the cool stuff

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Soundboard created by 7TeamFortress7 and Realm of Darkside on January 3, 2021. The Angry Black Guy is a victim of a soundboard prank call with Joe Pesci.

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