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Everybody's favorite Protoss player, Orb, goes on a fascinating journey with the goal of letting us all know just how terrible Blizzard is at balance.

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All your Fuckos sound bytes all in one easy to use place

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my picks

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This soundboard is so that i can keep my sanity at work.

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This board was created in order to test the mechanics of Board Creation using this site. My plan is to learn how this works and begin creating boards for use while playing online video games as a method of entertainment/fun.

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this is my soundboard to troll anyone or anything that comes into my room and tries to fuck with me.

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Just a bunch of sounds I thought were fun to have handy when on vent.

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twitch game memes

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Mad Black Woman

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Are you tired of going around to different SoundBoards? Well stop everything because I have a list of funny things from a wide range of SoundBoards. I will be updating regularly.

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Funny Office Sound

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This is a soundboard you can use to inject funny clips between karaoke singers

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sounds from "Its Only Smellz" used in biology video

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A stupid soccer mom tries to order a cheeseburger.

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