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Its gonna be crazy and different. The sounds, phrases or songs you hear are gonna be something that sticks with you FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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its my soundboard

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For the Hamburger Party.

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sounds i like

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just for a test

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Various Quotes From Movies And Celebs!

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Being a woman in hip-hop isn't about wearing a little pair of shorts and shaking your arse for guys. It's about empowering yourself by performing something you believe in. There's absolutely no reason why girls shouldn't give it a go. Girls can beatbox just as well as the boys... Go check this out!

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Redeemer Church Students

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Clipped sounds of AdmiralBahroo for an XCom 2 voicepack.

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Sound bits from the Friday Knight's 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons adventures in Eberron

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For fun ventrilo timess

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Diarrhea out of Prerak's Mouth

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Deviant MC with designs of deliverance for Daygo's population, lyrical liberation, dawning over the discord of a demographic deluded by the illusion of elucidation, divided by desolation.

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sound bytes to troll the masses!

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