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Funny audio clips showing the lighter side of Barack Obama, perhaps our next president of the United States. One mportant fact you should know, he likes pie!

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A wide variety of Charlie Manson quotes from the 60's Family trial up too 2006. Manson has become an icon in popular culture often symbolized as evil. Some audio quotes are crazy and some are downright bone chilling. Adult language.

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Audio clips from the documentary Jesus Camp about evangelical Christians in America. The kids are home schooled, taught street evangelism, creationism, and how to speak in tongues. When at camp, they pray to George Bush.

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John McCain is a US senator running for President in 2008. These audio clips are proof that he's an idiotic hypocrite who changes his position whenever it suits him. Such classics as "Bomb Iran" included.

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This is a service-oriented soundboard. A soundboard that matters.

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From George Dubya to John Kerry and Bill Clinton, here is a collection of head-bopping presidential remixes. Find more mixes at thebots.net

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Historical audio clips of Walt Disney cartoon propaganda in the 40's as well as political humor about the IRS and income tax in modern media. This year income tax returns are due on April 17, 2007.

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Listen to some of the one liner clips of the President of the United States George W. Bush.

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Louis Farrakhan, popularly known as "The Charmer," is the head of the Nation of Islam. He has marked himself a notable figure on the extremist scene by making hateful statements targeting Jews, whites and homosexuals. Listen to his audio clips.

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Fox News Channel's popular news commentator Bill O'Reilly making explosive remarks! Check this out!

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I challenge you to find more than 1 straight answer given by Sarah Palin. Aduio clips of the one and only 2008 vice presidential debate to be held are here. The rules made this a non debate and also a non interview as Palin refused to play by any rules and answer anybodies questions.

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Bill Maher is one of the most politically astute comedians in America today. His unflinching honesty and commitment to never pulling a punch have garnered him the respect and admiration of millions of fans.

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Insert foot in mouth, hear politicans like Howard Dean, George Dubya Bush and more saying bizarre and funny things. Some mature language.

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Sound clips from Barack Obama's audio books and public speeches

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The Honorable Dr Reverend Sebastian Gorka Esq PhD graduated at the top of his class at the University of Phoenix, 9 times. He has 17 equally impressive doctoral degrees, ranging from Irregular Biochemical Jihadi Mind Control to Large Animal Husbandry. His grasp of the English language is superlative. (Follow me on Twitter - @TheChrisLapakko)

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