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High class escort madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey is interviewed. Hear about the legal dispute that's led to at least one State department official resignation and to how the feds are trying to gag her from exposing her list of 10,000 clients.

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Let it be known, John McCain wants you to be his friend, in fact you may not know it but you are already his dear friend. Enjoy the many times he says My friends on the campaign trail, in every speech and of course in the debates. Unless you want to get blackout DRUNK my friends, dont do the drinking game where you take a shot each time he says it!

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While so many are already pumped up for the presidential elections still there's one question...Why dont more Americans register and vote? The most likely reason they dont think their one vote will make a difference. Are they wrong?

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Crowd Reaction's to Trump's Immigration Speech in Arizona

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Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev was the leader of the Soviet Union from 1985 until its collapse in December of 1991. He is known for meeting Reagan halfway and tearing down the berlin wall. In 1990 He won the Nobel Prize.

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Clips from the now infamous interviews of vice presidential contestant Sarah Palin by CBS news reporter Katie Couric. Perhaps the most mind numbing, baffling and befuddling answers ever given in a political interview in the history of American Politics.

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Women's Voices is a forum for women to get their voice heard and speak to the world for posterity. I encourage all women to address others on this forum. Let's just imagine or pretend that we are powerful and millions of people all over the world are listening to what we have to say and are paying attention to us, yes, really listening.

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CNBC's Rick Santelli and the traders on the floor of the CME Group express outrage over the notion they may have to pay their neighbor's mortgage, particularly if they bought far more house than they could actually afford. Rick actually captures the mood of the country. Adult Language

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The Tea Party movement is now more popular than either major party, and it may become a major force in American politics. The movement, in its essence, is about safeguarding individual liberty, cutting taxes, and ending bailouts for business while the American taxpayer gets burdened with more public debt.

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So your sister is engaged in a nasty custody fight with Alaska state trooper Mike Wooten and you may be called to testify while governor? Easy fix, your the governor so have him fired. Whew! just in time to run for vice president with John McCain.

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Boris Yeltsin, Russia's first democratically-elected leader came to power after being promoted by former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, a man he then outmanoeuvred. The acceleration of economic restructuring became one of Yeltsin's main priorities with his government overseeing a massive privatization of state-run enterprises.

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Listen to the speeches of the Democratic candidates for the President of the United States in the election of 2008.

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Rudy Giuliani another Presidential candidate for 2008 election. So far on the campaign trail, he appears to be giving a very different talk at each stop, according to the interests of his audience and, it seems, his mood at the moment.

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Audio clips of Fred Dalton Thompson a former senator, lawyer, radio commentator, and actor had announced that his official campaign for president will begin September 6, 2007.

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Here are some clips of John McCain flip-flops of the 2008 election so far. He has shown that his strongest trait as a candidate is his ability to change his position and contradict himself at any time. What is most amazing is McCains flip-flopping knows no limits.

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Along with "duck and cover" movie reels and backyard bomb shelters, the infamous McCarthy Hearings of the 1950s have come to define the Cold War. Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy ruined lives with his witch hunch style attacks.

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