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Markano Presents The Chili Guy Soundboard...Listen to Toucher & Rich on 98.5 FM The Sports Hub or stream them online at 985thesportshub.Com, Weekdays from 6-10am Eastern Time....

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Harold Egbert Camping (born July 19th, 1922) is the president and general manager of Family Stations, Inc.

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Sound clips from Movies, TV, Opie and Anthony

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Markano Presents The Chili Guy Soundboard Part 2...Listen to Toucher & Rich on 104.1 FM The Rock Of Boston or stream us online at WBCN.Com, Weekdays from 6-10am Eastern Time....

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The Mothership has connected - welcome a-board. It's The Official DA Show Soundboard. Coughing Guy, Rosie from Norwood, John From Medford, Chuck Perks and all your DA Show favorites are here. Follow The DA Show on Twitter @TheDAshow @_ChrisCurtis @J_Deer and @ChuckPerks

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Sounds to be used on Blowin Up Like You Thought We Would, a sports radio show on Thursdays at 2:10 PM. Hosted by Brian Rieckhoff and Taylor Yuan

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Boxing related sounds and boxing related movie lines for our podcast and streaming internet boxing talk show at

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Sounds and clips from the Tony Bruno Show - Into the Night

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Markano Presents The Chili Guy Soundboard Part 3...Listen to Toucher & Rich on 104.1 FM The Rock Of Boston or stream us online at WBCN.Com, Weekdays from 6-10am Eastern Time....

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Amateur Radio Repeater 147.435MHz in Los Angeles say the funniest things.

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Sound effects in radio broadcasting did not leap full-grown into this new medium in the 1920s. The few sound effects used in the early days were simple, unsophisticated, and often not very convincing. Check out my top 20 list, doesn't this list just make you imagine a radio drama right here?

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Perfect for pranking

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A host of audio clips from Dallas\Fort Worth sports radio station 1310 KTCK The Ticket. These sound bites and bits make for fun listening.

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random sound effects for Master Channel Radio

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Soundbites of The Man They Call Ghost, host of True Capitalist Radio, along with his characters Granpaw Paw, Paco, Tyrone, and others.

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