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Check out these Microsoft Windows Start up sounds over the years. It really makes me wonder what might have been the inspiration for these sounds. This is very interesting!

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Cowbell is an instrument that brings extra oomph, that extra push over the top. It's the cymbal's evil third cousin. It's the dark ring that pounds in the back of your brain and lets you know, it's time to rock. Listen here!

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If you have always wanted Real gun sounds , then this is your lucky day. For those real gun sound enthusiasts out there check this out!

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Kenku sounds for DnD

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One way of showing our love or affection is by kissing. There are a number of ways of kissing and expressing it depending on the range of our emotions. Here are different sound clips of a kiss.

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I just put a few sounds together to play while hanging with friends on games.

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These are the every day noises you hear from the world's most precious babies. Enjoy these beautiful baby noises!

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Mobile music is still the hottest thing in an on the go Japanese lifestyle. Here are some of the recent trends of Japanese Ringtones for your mobile phones... I find them cute and funny!!! Some have Japanese Swearing too. Adult Language.

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STOP FOR SIRENS! It's an emergency vehicle... pull over and stop! Ambulances and fire trucks need to get where they are going in a hurry. It's not that these vehicles speed, it's that they use their sirens and lights to slow the traffic around them.

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These sound effects can be found on the wheel of fortune show. I DO NOT own ANY of these sounds.

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Here's The Greatest Collection of Train Sound Effects, the collection features everything from Toy Trains to Steam Locomotive and more.

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Wow - we thought the name was descriptive enough....BUT - This collection is NOT for the faint of heart. Amassed over 5 years of hearty farting (and more sometimes) this steeping mound of sound is second to none!

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omae wa mou shindeiru,omae wa mou shindeiru,omae wa mou shindeiru,omae wa mou shindeiru,omae wa mou shindeiru,omae wa mou shindeiru,omae wa mou shindeiru

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Hear the clowns and the jugglers, the circus band and the animal acts, the high wire and the human cannonball!

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Sound effects from an absolutely wonderful TV series LOST.

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Laughter is an expression of joy, that's for sure. It's good medicine and spreads like a contagion. Check out these famous laughs from TV characters comedians and even politicians.

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