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This board contains some of the finer insults and cuss words known in the romantic language. Please do not feel free to throw these about, they can be quite insulting. But try a few with your latin friends :o)

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Chinese heavily accent English do not sound pleasant to our ears. Chinese is a tonal language, it sounds flat, and all words have the same length, speaking Chinese is kinda like machinegun firing, while English has some melodies. No offense to Chinese people!

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Airplane flights come and go at airports everyday. What kinds of public announcements would you expect to hear at an airport while waiting for your flight? Here are a few sample public address announcements that we hear at the airport.

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There are the distinct accents that separate a Mumbaiya from a Bangalorean such as not being clear with the v?s and w?s, forced American accents, and a tendency to stress on the second syllable of words, a trend typical in most Indic languages. Listen to these...

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Fall for the beauty of the Mexican accent with it's cantering rhythm and plaintive rising and falling.

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Britain has a ridiculous amount of different accents, in some areas people can tell which village someone who lives nearby is from by listening to them speak and each has their own distinct stereotypes. Have fun listening to my favorite accent.

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Regional russian accents are almost imperceptible unless you are in Moscow. English vowels are not too hard for Russians because they pronounce vowels in a Russian way, rather than an English way. Here's some of Russian accents.

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Current top ten songs in Brazil.

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Germans are known for their precise nature, clipped speech patterns and a distinctive approach to consonants when speaking English. Here are the basics for speaking with a German accent.

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Jewish accent is spoken by some Jewish people, with influences of Yiddish and Hebrew. Here's some of the Jewish voices.

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Scottish accent seems to appear far more in the US, especially cartoons. Often kilt-wearing, of course this usually has elements of various Lowland dialects. Stereotypes include a bad temper, a dislike of the English or being generally miserable.

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Take a trip down under by listening to animal sounds of Australia mate. Koala bears, Tasmanian Devils and Kangaroo are among the featured wildlife clips.

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Ask an American to imitate an Italian speaking English, and most of the time you will get the sort of accent heard in American mafia movies. To an Italian ear, there are marked differences in regional accents, and some regional dialects are so different in pronunciation and vocabulary.

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Here's a perfect place for men where they will find so much to do and so many things to enjoy. A Fantasy vacation resort located on a tropical island in the Caribbean. You will have an unforgettable time with beautiful exotic girls tending to your every need! This definitely one of the very best places to stay for men!

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Some of the more common Japanese phrases are spoken for you to listen and practice.

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Las Vegas and sin city immortalized in movies and in Elvis clips. A good collection of sound clips that represent what really goes on! Knocked Up, Swingers, Viva Las Vegas, Wild at Heart, Fear and loathing in Las Vegas are here.

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Current top ten songs in Japan.

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No song is safe from the Germans! Popular english songs translated into German are here. Practice your German language skills and sing along.

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