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Choo, choo train chuggin\' down the track, Gotta travel on, never comin\' back, Oh, oh got a one way ticket to the blues... Take a ride with these various train sounds.

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Disc Jockeys or DJs are those who has the art of manipulating sounds and creating music using phonograph turntables. DJs use turntable techniques like beat mixing/matching, scratching, and beat juggling. They are also capable of interacting and improvising with other performers. Here are various sounds they create..

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A huge selection of Cartoon Sound Effects - Brought to you compliments of! Please Vote for this SoundBoard if you find it useful! Thank you!!!

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Use these for your next Powerpoint presentation to keep your audience's attention!

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Wizzy Radio Sound Board- Used on Broadcast

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The best and most complete Vine soundboard Listen to all your favorite vine sounds on demand! This Vine soundboard contains all the funny catch phrases from vine! Credits: 21 - Hype & Kyri, a potato flew around my room - pg bree, barely - Donna Goudeau, baby goat - Sarah Herrin, broom broom - Tish Simmonds, bruh - Popin I

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Sound effects full of suspense from the hit game show Deal or No deal.

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Listen to the sounds of different bombs here... Safe to hear but I'd never want to hear nor see these in real life.

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Sound clips from the LCARS computer in the Star Trek the Next generation tv series. It had a female voice and she was succinct, precise and unforgiving when comprimised or reprogammed by the bad guys!

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We already live with many objects that are, in one sense, robots. The future will have many more robots, and they'll most certainly be much more advanced. Listen to these computer voices and robot sounds... THEY'RE COMING!!!

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People Sound Effects, listen to some of the best selections of recorded sounds that we usually make as a response or expression of what we feel towards something.

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Is your computer female? Replace you default sounds & notification settings and she will speak to you!

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Can I have a drumroll please? Right before your big punchline you gotta have a drum roll. These audio clips deliver a hit everytime, but your joke may not.

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The classic noises every boy loves to make... Machine guns sounds! It is legal for your phone to have a machine gun sounds but you could be held responsible when these gunfire sounds would lead the public to panic.

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Listen to these clips you will realize it can be a giggle, it can be utilized in various applications such as mobile phone ring tones or being sent as a background sound in an email. Some are rude, others are menacing. Adult Language

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Here's a collection of different types of Cartoon Sound Effects from familiar to unusual sound effects that you're looking for.

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all sound effect that you want to put on your sounds enjoy folks!!!!!!!

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