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A Taser is an electroshock weapon that can stun a targeted subject from a distance by firing electrodes on the end of long thin wires. These devices are usually advertised as effective personal defense weapons. However, they may give the wielder a false sense of security and power.

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check out and grab romantic tones that expresses the way you feel..

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Crazy Ringtones Country Boys, Country Voice, Yardy, Yardman, Jamaican, Original Jamaican Don Dadda, Crazy Man, Hood Voice, Down South Voice, Dirty South Voice, Fake, Playas Voice, Sound Effect, Ringtones, French Man Voice, Uptight Guy, Stush, Gansta, Gangster, Shocked, Monster, Australian, Excited, Confused teen, Flirt, Flirty, Street Thug

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Yu-Gi-Oh duel soundboard. Awesome sound effects from the duals of season 1!

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Sounds of Mayhem, a term used for intentional injury to the body and is usually done by using an instrument such as a knife, sword, arrow, gun etc. Check out some of the sounds I got here.

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A casino is a facility that accommodates certain types of gambling activities. Some casinos are doing live entertainment events too. Listen to the sounds of slot machines, playing cards and roulette.

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this is for the dank memes

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Anything That Can Be Used In A Movie (Sounds I Mean)

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Here are some sounds of a computerized devices that give us an access to financial transactions, ATM or Automated Teller Machine and other cash machines.

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Incredibly funny harassment sounds to annoy people, Content taken out of movie's, Lot of cool one liners, and Memorable characters (Parental Advisory) containing offensive language High Quality Sounding Board

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What would it sound like if you were in Jail? As of 2006 2.2 million people are behind bars in US prisons.

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Karate is a martial art that features punching, kicking, and open handed techniques. It also strives to develop the inner qualities of a human being and the search of perfection of your character, through strenuous training. Hi-Ya!!!

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What do you guys think has to be the most unique monster sound or sounds created? Listen to the sounds of a raging monster here! Also good as a ringtone, message tone, or even your e-mail alerts.

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Power off your computer with these great sounds.

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Here are some of the ambient background sounds that are present in many environments. Many common background scenes have subtle characteristics that seem to go unnoticed by us most of the time.

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Film projector is an opto-mechanical device for displaying motion pictures by projecting them on a projection screen. They were designed to use this film stock and was originally intended to be used for test shots by movie directors and cinematographers. Listen to the sounds it makes.

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A soundboard of random, funny clips and effects.

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Haven't you always wanted to have a chainsaw sound in your mobile phone? Hear these authentic chainsaw sounds without cutting down a tree! Leatherface wouldn't be caught without it!

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