Warcraft 2

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by Adam - 25 tracks
Yes My Lord
Join The Army They Said
See The World They Said
I'd Rather Be Sailing
Ay Laddy
Dwarven Demolition Squad- I love Blowin Things Up
Dwarven Demolition Squad- Ay Laddy
Elven Archer - Time Is Of The Essence
Gnomish Flying Machine - Hello Sonny
Knight - Don't Force Me To Run You Through
Peasant - Ok
Peasant - Right O'
Peasant - Alright
Peasant - More Work
Peasant - Leave Me Alone
Peasant - I Don't Wanna Do This
Peasant - I'm Not Listening
Peasant - Hello
Ships - Stop Rocking The Boat
Orc - What!
Orc - My Tummy Feels Funny
Death Knight - When My Work Is Finished
Goblin Sappers - Kaboom
Troll Axethrower - Say Hello To My Little Friend
Troll Axethrower - Whatcha Wanna Kill