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Various Quotes From Movies And Celebs!

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by Josh Nichols - 25 tracks
S.N.L. - More Cowbell
Adam Sandler - Old Man Clemens
Adam Sandler - Dear Santa
Anchorman - Afternoon Delight
Stewie - Stop Mocking Me
Stewie - Womb Escape Rant
Bad Santa - Test Anxiety
Bad Santa - Wish In One Hand...
Bad Santa - This Is Not The DMV
Darth Vader - I Am Your Father
Chewbacca - Roar
Yoda - 900 Years Old
Full Metal Jacket - Who Said That
Full Metal Jacket - God Has Hardon
Full Metal Jacket - Major Malfunction
Full Metal Jacket - Cowboy
Nightmare On Elm St. - Come4U
Wedding Crashers - Bicycle
Wedding Crashers - Motorboat
Wedding Crashers - Skateboard
Matrix - Red Or Blue Pill
Matrix - I Can Dodge Bullets
Matrix - No One Can Be Told
Matrix - I Give You The Finger
Matrix - Welcome To The Real World
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Various Quotes From Movies And Celebs!

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