Otis Elevator Voice Announcements

Otis Elevator Voice Vocabulary

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by John Taylor - 84 tracks
Going Up
Going Down
1st Floor
2nd Floor
3rd Floor
4th Floor
5th Floor
6th Floor
7th Floor
8th Floor
9th Floor
10th Floor
11th Floor
12th Floor
13th Floor
14th Floor
15th Floor
16th Floor
17th Floor
18th Floor
19th Floor
20th Floor
21st Floor
22nd Floor
23rd Floor
24th Floor
25th Floor
26th Floor
27th Floor
28th Floor
29th Floor
30th Floor
31st Floor
32nd Floor
33rd Floor
34th Floor
35th Floor
36th Floor
37th Floor
38th Floor
39th Floor
40th Floor
41st Floor
42nd Floor
43rd Floor
44th Floor
45th Floor
46th Floor
47th Floor
48th Floor
49th Floor
50th Floor
51st Floor
52nd Floor
53rd Floor
54th Floor
55th Floor
56th Floor
57th Floor
58th Floor
59th Floor
60th Floor
1st Storey
Elevator is Full
Please Stand Clear of the Closing Door
Too many floor buttons
Basement Level
Do not Be Alarmed_Power Interuption
Do not Be Alarmed_Technical Difficulties_Exit When Doors Open
Do not Be Alarmed_Technical Difficulties_press Alarm Button
Fire Service Announcement
Garage Floor
Garage Level
Good Morning_Going Down
Good Morning_Going Up
Ground Floor
Ground Level
Lobby Level
Lower Level
Main Floor
Main Level
Parking Levek
Sub Level