This is Tiesha

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by Joshua Santos - 68 tracks
And like I said where y'all at. And I can come show you
Alright well...stop calling my house
Alright like I said bitch I dont call your house
A 212 number...who is a 212 number
Yeah ok
Ya who
Why you calling my house
Why u wanna play on the phone. Why u so childish.
Who me
Who is this (2)
Who is this (1)
Where your whereabouts at bitch. Where u at right now
Where you at. Where you at.
Where u at (3)
Where u at (2)
Where u at (1)
Where is you callin
Where are u
What (5)
What (4)
What (3)
What (2)
What (1)
We didnt call your house. I dont even know where the...
Uh...it dont matter
To be honest with you I really dont give a fuck.
This Tiesha who is this
Thats all we ask bitch. Dont nobody call u. Dont nobody even know u.
Stop f'n playing on the phone
So I dont give a fuck bitch. Realize and Recognize...ask questions before u go off.
Shut yo dumb, high, drunk, retarded ass up
Ok wierdo where u at
Ok where u at
Ok what am I talking about
Ok well...you called and played on my phone
Ok well...it dont matter
Ok well...
Ok well.......
Ok well you called my house
Ok well why you calling my house
Ok well I got yo bitch
Oh you wish you could...
Like I said get the game right and get the game tight...
Let it be known. All this playin on the phone shit aint cool.
Keep playing on the phone and get your family short lifed
It dont matter bitch. If you cant explain to me...like I said if you aint giving me no address it aint no need for us to be talking
It dont matter because I got all night to play
Im Tiesha
I'm Tiesha bitch
I'll holla back bitch whenever I get your number. I'm quite sure its on the caller ID
If you call back the police tracing this number anyway baby.
If you call and ask for who u wanna speak to...
I said I'm Tiesha bitch. Who are you
I got a family over here that I truly love
I dont...I dont...you know what
I dont give a fuck what you say or what you do bitch
Have a peaceful night before you get your night fucked up
First of all I cant even call a 212 area code
Didnt no body call your mf phone bitch you just called here.
Calm down, realize, and recognize
Call your house like what
Bitch why u playin where u at
Bitch I aint call your house. When the last time I called your house. Who are u.
Bitch dont nobody wanna talk to u...you not important bitch
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This is Tiesha

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