Achmed The Dead Terrorist

Soundboard of Achmed The Dead Terrorist

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by Dempsey Van Assche - 26 tracks
Good Evening Infidel
Yes I Am A Terrorist
A Terrifying Terrorist
Yes I Am A Suicide Bomber
Are You Scared?
And Now
Aargh 2
How About Now
God Damnit
I Mean Uh Allah Damnit
No It's Achmed
No You Said Acned
A C FlaimCH
Silence I Kill You
Silence I Kill You 2
Silence I Kill You 3
I Feel Fine
It's A Fleshwound
No I Haven't
No I'm Not
Silence I Kill You 4
Son Of A Bitch
What 2
What The Hell Happened To My Feet
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Soundboard of Achmed The Dead Terrorist

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