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Bruce from family guy

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by zach g - 35 tracks
ahh huh
bye world
eat yall
everyone likes a snack
excited about meeting someone today (long)
excited about meeting someone today (short)
hey everybody (long)
hey everybody (short)
hey there
i know
i live alone
i see a lot of smiles here in this room
if u keep that up its whatever u want it to be
i'm sorry i pulls yalls legs
lay back and relax (long)
lay back and relax (short)
lets talk
mmmm yummy
no i havent
no i'm just kidden
oh hey
oh hey yall said my name
oh i envy that
oh no
put out some snacks
see right up those shorts
stop not so fast yall
sure i can do that
thats all right
thats good
they sure are good
u know the anus (nervs)
well i dont see why thats anyone elses business but my own