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by John Oliver - 998 tracks
Play a game
Hello Michael
Jigsaw's puppet laugh
Game over
Let the game begin
Wake up call
Still alive
Well Hello!
How are you doing?
Might i have your first name?
Do you know who I am?
Col.Nathan R. Jessep (long)
My name is Warren R Schmidt
I Own the place
Everybody works for me!
When you hear what happed
I have some good news
I'm going to need you to listen
I'm going to need you to listen#2
I'm going to need you to listen#3
'm going to need you to listen#4
I'm going to need you to listen#5
Sarcasim is anger's ungly cosin
I'm a pretty good guy
Temper is the one thing
Short laugh
Watch your mouth!
Bye Now!
I Beg Your Pardon!
Thats right!
Thank you!
Yes I Do!
This is ridiculous!
I Don't know!
What the [email protected]#k
No problem!
So be it!
You want answers!
You can't handle the truth!
Are we clear#1
Are we clear#2
Are these the questions i was called hear
You have to ask me nice#1
You have to ask me nice#2
Don't i feel like the [email protected]#kin asshole!
What i do want!
I'll Answer the Question!
My answer is!
i'm a fair guy!
I want to know what were going to do about this?
extend me some [email protected]#king courtesy!
You snotty little bastard!
I eat breakfast 300 yards from 4000 cubans!
Did you ever serve#1
Did you ever serve#2
Did you ever serve#3
Did you ever serve#4
Son we live in a world
Son we live in a world#2
Son we live in a world#3
Son we live in a world#4
You will address me as col. or sir
were not going to have problems are we?
Do you really want the love of your Life?
Do you got a girl friend?
well well well!!
Did you ever think about going back to school?
Are you a homofobe?
Not a problem
You got somthing you want to ask?
Tell us about your self#1
Tell us about your self#2
Tell us about your self#3
Tell us about your self#4
Do you know John lennon?
When I tell you to dump a body
When I tell you to dump a body#2
When I tell you to dump a body#3
Lets take a walk on the wild side
Crying for mother
Jibber Jabber
I'm wetting My Jockys
In europe
How do you feel?
What is your posion on breast implants?
ordering breakfast
I want to tell you somthing#3
i'm going to kill you
I'm going to rip the eyes out of your head!
What do you want to discuss now?
What kind of unit you running hear?
You [email protected]#ked with the wrong marine
what's your name?
indian sounds
what's your name son?
fight a fuck too much
she was fifteen years old
she was fifteen years old#2
she was fifteen years old#3
she was fifteen years old#4
i'm a marval of modren science
i'm hear to corporate with you
were from the state mental institution
i'm Dr.McMurphy
the mental defected league
they were giving me 10 thousand wats a day
you sly son of a bitch
were nuts
captain block
captain block#2
I really don't know
i'll be right down the line with you
Giggling laughing
please proceed
No you don't understand
I'm a friend of your daughter's
harry sandbourne how are you
harry sandbourne
I'm dating your daugheter
you were very impressive
How are ya?
It was sensational meeting you
I'm one of the owners of a record company
drive by recorders
It's a hip hop lable
let me see if i get were your headed here
women your age love that about me
you know what i mean
take it easy kids
we hav'nt have sex yet have we?
somthing to live for
what's up
Hey what's up
have you allways been like this?
I don't think I ever had this affect on a women
I don't reconize it
Can I ask you one other thing?
Just curous
You never get hot
Oh i'm sorry
God am i sorry
Just your tits
I'm actually feeling quite perky today
Sorry for your trouble
yes or No what's the deal?
I saw her naked last night
Trust me
I never saw a women that age naked before
now she's a great chick
Must take after her father
I looked you up on the internet
Hey it's me
Just sitting arourd
Everybody is out but old harry
Old Old Old Harry
We are cute
My dear your confusing sex with sleeping
What are my choices?
Now what i know about you is wright
try not to rate my ansewer
Words have been invented for wome like you
Not at all
It's a pleasure
I can't remeber the last time i cried
I can't remeber the last time i cried#2
your the funnest girl i ever had sex with
well i'm a old dog
I'll like to try sleeping with you
you are a women to love
Thank you darling
What a doll
slow down you want to kill me
I have never lied to you
your killing me
I need to talk to you
Got a minute?
Show time
thats refreshing
So i'm nuts
sometimes worring about you
yes honey
Can i e-mail it to you?
How is that?
I'm not ready to be your friend
why is it that you brods want all or nothing?
death doen't seem hard to you?
Theyre Here - Poltergiest
More Attacks - Psycho
Its alive! - Frankenstien
Im the devil - The Exorcist
I have bad news - Hannibal
The Shining- Here's Johnny!
Ate his liver
Old friend for dinner
Did you breast feed her
Hear the screaming of the lambs
Amputate a man's leg
What became of your lamb
That's all I can remember
If you save Katherine
Thoughened your nipples
Look like a rube
Thank you Clarice
Best thing for him
Did you nurse Katherine
Good Evening Clarice
Toughened your nipples
Playing tag
I was way off!
I like it a...lot
Playing tag
Most annoying sound in the world
I like it a...lot
I wasn't paying attention
Senior citizens
I got robbed
What's the soup du jour?
Just go man!
Four inches
Look at the butt on that one
Mingling with country folk
Fired again?
John Denver
Flying somewhere?
Somebody Stop Me!
Do NOT go in there!
Ass you a few questions
Buffed Beautiful & Bitchin'
Cops check his pants -The Mask
Dont have the power
Guy with rubber glove
Ice Ice Baby Parody
I likea do the cha cha
Back to you bleepers
In other news
As Andy Kaufman as Latka
As Andy Kaufman as Tony Clifton
Don't go dying on me
We landed on the moon!
We've got no food
Alrighty then!
Number still 911?
Like a glove
Clean pair of shorts
Come to me jungle friends
Ding, ding
Borg Introduction
You Are My Sunshine - 7 of 9
Enterprise Doors
Data's life forms song
Red Alert
Enter Access Code
Authorization denied
Auto destruct armed
1 minute to auto destruct
Intruder Alert !
Saving the future
Make it so
A good day to die
Not a Merry man
Priority 1 Broadband Distress Signal - Powerslave
Shields up, Red Alert, Fire Phasers - Powerslave
Smith, Agent Smith
Never send a human to do a machines job
Some believed we lacked the language
Human defines their reality through misery
A man who calls himself Morpheus
Human beings are a disease
I hate this place
I must get free
I must get out of here
This zoo, this prison, this reality, whatever
What good is a phone call
You're going to help us
You've been contacted by a certain individual
Last chance
Try to relax
Touch me
Why do my eyes hurt
I think we can handle one little girl
I give you the finger
Red or blue?
Buckle your seatbelt
The Matrix
They're watching you
That kick ass song - Propellerheads
I know Kung Fu
Gustapo Crap
Hope we don't meet again
My question
Still dreaming
That's me
Trust you
Who are you?
Dueling Banjos
Don't play games
Do the right thing
God, help us
Harder place to get in
I don't believe in insurance
Part of it
Rifle cocking and firing
This is a hell of a time
This is gonna be fun
This isn't one of your f_ _king games
We're lost
You better run
You don't beat this river
You have to lose yourself
You are my life now
How old are you
Last time you'll ever see me
My job to protect you
This may hurt just a little
What the hell were you thinking
Told me nothing
What did you do to him
I'm the wold's most dangerous predator
I wanted to kill you
Have a long and happy life with me
Hold on tight spider monkey
How long I've waited for you
Human blood
I can read minds
I don't have the strength
I leave you alone for 2 minutes
Just stay very still
Personal brand of heroine
What do we eat
What if I'm the bad guy
You're very difficult to read
Ladies and gentlemen
South American drug lord
Description of Bedford
Diamond Dog
He's a fount of misplaced rage
I drove through 3 states
3 white guys short
Lost his bladder in the airplane
Make a move
No one on this aircraft
No That's clever
Cyrus the Virus
You didn't really mean all that
AK-47 - Lord of War
Bored - Face Off
Hurts - Face Off
Didn't love you - Face Off
Bunny - Con Air
Trust - Con Air
Admiring - Con Air
Touch - City of Angels
Big knife - Moonstruck
Bad Man - Gone in Sixty Seconds
Thanks - Gone in Sixty Seconds
Next hundred years
What a predicament
Suck my tongue
A way to trap him
Boning your wife
Face cut off
Fresh tactics
Government job
Hate to see you go
Lot of changes
Plan B
What a predicament
250 Million
Big Deal
Foot Massage
The Shot
Say Good Night And Go Home
Gay Guy
Grease - Greased Lightning
The nukes
Scotland is free!
The trouble with Scotland
Are ya allright
Dressed up for nothing
Get me out of this mess
I didn't like him
I want to marry you
Love you my whole life
Now bleed with me!
Ready for a war!
Tell your king
They fought like Scotsmen
Your heart is free
Never see little Johnny again
I want it back
Kill Carter
70 Grand
Getting misty
My money
Aren't listening
Arthur Stegman
Call Bronson
Coming to get you
Deliver the money
Didn't make his delivery
Few months off
Got your crotch
Is that a yes
Know what I mean
Let you know
Looking for a girl
More receptive
Named Rosie
Need a favor
Nobody knows
Safe work environment
Same as always
Take a guess
What's the matter
Where he might be
Where is he
Worry about me
Wrong answer
Yeah good
You can't
Enjoy it
Eat some fruit (Signs)
I win
Every Sensation
Free Will
Fuckin' Chump
Got me
Too Cocky
20th Century
My Time
Step it up
Door to door
FBI Agent
Rock n roll
Sorry Johnny
You bother me
Alright, how about a shave
They all deserve to die
I will have vengance
If you'll indulge me
Hole called London
You might find me
My arm is complete again
Welcome to the grave
Have mercy on me
Years changed me
Accept my challenge
Concocted from piss and ink
I had him
I might come home
Opened a bottle of elixir
No match
Come and visit
100% pure Columbian cocaine
Do you want to do the honors
I brought you 75 instead
I figured it out
I'm stoned
We'd like to buy some pot
What do you know about cocaine
Oh bugger
Pleasure of your carbuncle
The rum
Oi, fishface!
Yo ho!
Speaking cannibals' language
The Balck Pearl
Any idea
Bonnie lass
Captain for two years
Davy Jones
Dear old Jack
Guard the boat
I am truly unhappy
I'll handle this
Jar of dirt
My compass
Not good
Pretty boat
Any more questions
Drawring of a key
Easy on the goods darling
Im Captain Jack Sabby
Madness or Brilliance
Set Heading
Sticks and Stones love
The day you Almost caught
Your not making any sense
Keep telling yourself that
Drug collection