It's totally agent satteger trust me

it is i, agent satteger

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by Nico Adams - 34 tracks
Did you really think I was going to go for that?
You want to screw over the imperials, whoop-dee fu
Well that's rude. That is just rude
We were!
We were having kind of a nice thing going on here
The least you could do...
Stand down you idiots
Show me the script
Put that thing back where it came from or so help me
Now you have to go and muck it all up
NOO (loud)
No (mild)
Look, I get it
Inane subterfuge
In what world did I give you that impression?
I'm sure you wanted me to say all SORTS of damning things
I'm not saying anything more
I'm not going to do it
I would never do something so foolish
I order you to withdraw immediately
I mean come ON
I know my IQ, thank you very much
I don't want to be in the play
I don't want to deal with you or your ilk any more
Get out of here
Get out of here. Really, just go
Follow my orders
Did you really think I was going to go for that?
Chaos in the imperial ranks
Absolutely preposterous