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by Erin Stetler - 84 tracks
Form Up
Get Ready
Get This Moving
Get to Work
Give Em Hell
Good Good
Hm I Wonder
How Many Is That
I Can Use This
I Designed That Ya Know
I Hate Working
I Need Armor
I Need Healing
I Sometimes Wonder
I Think I've Made
If You Build It
If You Want Something
I'll Fix You Up
I'm at Your Side
I'm Getting Better
I'm Looking Out for You
I'm Not One
I'm Ready To
It's Better to Be
It's Not Quittin' Time Yet
Just a Little Longer
Keep It Going
Last I Checked
Leave This to an Expert
Let's Get This Done
Let's Get to Work
Let's Hear Those Guns
Look at the Size
Molten Core
My Baby
My Masterpiece
My Turret
My Turret's Under Fire
No Need
No One Asked for Your Opinion
Not Bad
Now We're Getting Somewhere
One After Another
People Always
Press the Attack
Priority Target Located
Protect My Turret
Ready to Work
Securing the Point
Shoddy Worksmanship
Should've Done a Better
Some Assembly Required
Stop the Payload
That Gets My
That's What I Made You For
There's More Where
There's Work
They Have a Teleporter
They're Getting Back Up
They're Grouping Up Here
They're Taking the Point
This Brings Me Back
Time to Get
Time to Roll Up My Sleeves
Time's Running Out
Too Soon
Torbjorn Ready to Work
Turret Ahead
Turret Deployed
Ugh My Turret
We Need to Attack
We Need to Clear
We Should Go
Whoops Did I
Back to the
Build Em Up
Completion Date
Defend the Objective
Do What You
Do You Appreciate
Eliminate This Target
Enemy Teleporter Destroyed
Enemy Turret Down
Five Four
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Erin's Torbjorn Soundboard

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