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In this day and age, few have the insight and wit to match Chris Rock. Here is a sampling. Adult material - enjoy.

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You know what's funny? When people take catch phrases from funny movies, television and comedians, then they repeat them in their best impression, regardless of their awkward accent, gender or lack of comedic timing. Like for example the popular phrase from Dave Chappelle... "I'm Rick James, bitch!" Hear the source of this phenomenon!

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Hat Films Chris Trott. Soundboard made by SilveraMoon

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Boyakasha! Ali G in da house. Actually, from da basement of his Nannas house cos he lives there. On his TV show he chats up world leaders like Kobe Bryant and Donald Trump. Respect. Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen plays Borat and Ali G.

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Audio clips of Pearl, the angry, drunk, and foulmouthed landlord who is accosting Will Ferrell for his late rent. Oh, and she happens to be 2 years old.

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What makes him special is his natural knack for comedy, along with a great sense of timing and improvisation, not to mention delivery. Listen to the clips of this great actor and comedian- CHRIS TUCKER!

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Who can deny the musical genius of Jack Black?

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Sound clips of Will Ferrell doing his impersonation of Chicago Cub's Broadcaster Harry Caray. He talks about news that went down in 1997. Short one liners at end perfect for calls. Win Cubs !!!

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This is just my choices and opinion... my top 10 funniest clips! Hope this could manage to give you a good laugh. Mature Language

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funny dr. phil sound clips

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Use to amuse friends and bring Frank with you wherever you go.

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A SNL skit with Will Ferrell as the late Chicago Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray doing a gig as a TV science program host. Why would a goofy baseball announcer be hosting a TV science program? Short clips at end perfect for calls.

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Martin Lawrence is one of the most popular and successful black comedians. Listen to some of his clips... Woooh Ohhh!!!

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Magellan wanted a soundboard of his and Allen's favorite comedy clips, so Allen provided. This list will be updated as necessary.

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Dane Cook is an up & coming comedian that has had great success with his cable television "Stand Up" comedy specials and small comedic roles in Hollywood movies. Sit back relax and listen to this future legendary "Stand Up" comedian.

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A collection of the funniest clips from one of the worlds funniest comedians.

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Tom Mabe is a comedian who specializes in exacting revenge on people who generally annoy the public. Mabe attended a telemarketers convention and stayed at their hotel. He waited until the wee hours of the morning--and started dialing.

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