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A huge Jontron soundboard. Thank you to the creator of the original Jontron Soundboard.

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Hi kids! Enjoy my crack-a-lacka-stack-a sound files! They're just like the crack I smoke: HIGH QUALITY! ADULT LANGUAGE

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Don't you know who the fuck I am? You must not know who I am I'M THE JUGGERNAUT BITCH!!!

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From Smokey and Bandit.

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A favorite all my life - here are some classic bits and sound bites from one of the all-time greats in comedy. Check out his site below.

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Sounds from kroboproductions icarly youtube poop

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All You Need To Make A Youtube Poop

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Here is some Gordon Ramsay

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Steve Carell possesses a sort of surreal, outlandish, and childish comic persona that is only enhanced by his deceptively straight-laced appearance. Check out the clips of this cultural icon!

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A selection of comedic stylings from the late, great Sam Kinison where he muses on everything from Jesus to the Manson family to Dr. Ruth. Adult language is guaranteed.

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Nick Swardson Tug Tug Terri on Reno 911

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Just something funny for my friends

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Listen to this comedian who begins all of his comedy acts with about a minute of just standing on stage, smoking a cigarette, before starting into his material. Often wears a black leather jacket for his on-stage act. Adult Language!

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Just random sayings of us. Can be used for prank calls easily.

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Listen to some these funny words used by the comedy.

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Enjoy these audio clips of Richard Pryor, the GREATEST stand-up comic ever. He played drums in the night club before began as a middlebrow comic inspired by Bill Cosby. Adult Language.

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Mike Myers is one of the most multifaceted performers of his generation, Myers has brought an astonishing array of characters to life on both film and television. If you're a fan of Myers... check out his clips here!

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