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A collection of soundbites primarily intended for montages.

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sounds of wolves, werewolves, thunder

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Just say NO. Audio clips of he word no and it's negative connotation from famous movies, tv and more.

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Microsoft Sam, your computer's default voice, has led an extremely interesting life, watching you and the websites your visit. Here are some of the funny ones.

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Looking for directions to the local Piggly Wiggly or Ralphs? Darth Vader can help because who better than the Dark Lord of the Sith to guide you to the best place to pick up Cheez Whiz and toilet paper? The Star Wars villain teamed up with TomTom to record his voice for use in the company?s GPS gadgets.

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The pimp hand is strong in this one ! James Earl Jones plays it pimp in the Star Wars scenes that never quite made it in to the final film. (A satire of course) Adult langauge.

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Listen to the infamous Pat O Brien's alleged voicemail messages, host of Entertainment Tonight tv show, to a coworker he is trying to coerce into a threesome with both he and an anonymous woman identified only as Betsy. By the way, Pats wife name is Linda, not Betsy...Poor Linda... tsk tsk tsk... Adult Language.

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Mash-ups are incredible fun and a fascinating way to reexperience some of your favorite tunes. Enjoy some awesome collection of cool mashup hits from various artists over here. NOTE! most songs here are NOT full length.

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Everybody's favorite foul mouthed old man getting up to no good. Listen to the clips of these crazy old man! Adult Language.

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For more than a decade, Bud Light has been running its Real Men of Genius campaign. It is a popular long-running humorous series of one-minute-long American radio advertisements created by copywriter Bob Winter. You may all remember the Bud Light, Real Men of Genius commercials and radio spots. If not, check one out here.

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She was the first African-American Nobel prize winner and the first woman to win since 1938. She won the National Humanities Medal in 2000 for her contributions. Here's some audio book clips read by the author herself Toni Morrison.

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Check this out... A great way to make the news or some parody songs a little more interesting to watch and listen is to mix it up with some auto-tune effects.

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Enjoy listening to these original old radio theme songs. They will bring up instant visions and memories of the days when radio shows we're the big thing.

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Bitch and skank are often an insult to women. Yet they've also been used in artfully humorous ways in both movies and TV. Check out these famous quotes bitch. Adult subject matter ahead skank!

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Robot technology continues to develop at a furious pace to make our life better, simpler and more comfortable. Enjoy this sound clip collection of the most popular robots in movies and tv of all time.

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It's my first soundboard. So i'm rather finding out how it works here :-) if any good ideas please add my msn: [email protected]

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