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Fasten your seatbelt -- it's going to be a high-speed ride. The clips here could give you whiplash; one auctioneer after another works the room, manages the bids, and hawks the cattle, all at record breaking velocity.

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Steve Jobs innovative idea of a personel computer led him into revolutionizing the computer hardware and software industry. He has become the face of Apple.

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Hey Buddy ! Here's some cool funny greetings for you!

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Adam Carolla is the beer-guzzzling, hammer-wielding star of The Adam Carolla Project, Too Late with Adam Carolla and The Adam Carolla Show. His funny and direct demeanor make him the perfect person to kick back and watch a game with.

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To anyone who thought that Bill O'Reilly was just playing a character on his show, that no one in real life could really be that angry, this is for you! And the song that will get your feet moving... Adult Language.

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When he mentioned all the symptoms from water, the list is almost endless...So funny! This is a parody of those drug commericials where they have a list of possible side effects.

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Werner Herzog is masterful director, writer and producer known for making films that show his understandings of art and life and truth. He is admired for being the only director who was able to work with the late and very eccentric Klaus Kinski.

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In September 1997 Taco Bell used the chihuahua dog in one advertisement in the Northeastern United States. The positive response to the dog led to the company using the dog in advertisements across the United States. Here are some of the clips.

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Listen to these great sound clips useful for online chat ! Some words maybe offensive.

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Vince has returned to the airwaves in a commercial for the Slap Chop. He informs us that the Slap Chop will transform our lives. The other interesting thing about the Slap Chop commercial is that it is hard to know which of the humor is intentional and which is unintentional. Check this out!

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Larry Flynt of Hustler magazine has made a parody of the Sarah Palin vice presidential bid and its a porn movie sur prise surprise. Some funny lines are here from the movie. Adult themes.

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Auto-tuning, the practice of digitally repairing off-key vocal tracks, is more visibly prominent than ever. Lately, some rappers, most notably T-Pain and most distressingly Kanye West, have taken up the robotic vocal torch. It's now assumed that auto-tuning will be applied to almost any recording that doesn't specifically refuse it.

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Sue Teller, a crunk-lovin grandma continues to draw attention and a new type of hype thats been pounced on by bloggers worldwide regarding the mystery of just who is the creative genius behind this YouTube commercial. Awesome Granny!

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Whether you need voice talent, voice artist, voice work, voice tracks, or radio imaging voiceovers, you've come to the right place: Ray Sierengowski, Our Voiceover Guy is your source for all things Voice. Ray Sierengowski can deliver all of these services to meet/exceed your expectations. Professional voice mail recording and on hold marketing.

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Reverend X, spreads his brand of televangelism through his gospel show. Rev. Xs One Man Show aired for 5 years in the 1990s on MediaOne. He believes he's God, has his own version of the bible which is a mash up of bible verses and ghetto/gansta talk. He jives, preaches, dances, sings, curses, and strips on public access TV. Adult Language.

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Fred Phelps is a self-described "Primitive Baptist" preacher fixated on the few Biblical passages that mention homosexuality. He is the pastor of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, where he preaches that "God hates fags", and that the Biblical punishment for homosexuality is death, followed by eternal damnation to hell.

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Tankmen is a short humorous cartoon about tanks and the men who are in some way associated with them. Listen to their hilarious adventure!

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Hilarious sound board with Pastor Paul Begley's catch phrases! Just for fun but salvation through Jesus Christ is no joking matter!

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